eee, well eckythump!

Hi kids!

I`ve been to podiatry today, to have my misbehaved toenails trimmed.

It has been decided that I should have the right big toenail removed…I know…ouch!

The plan was that today we would fix a date for the surgery.

But due to all the pain I am still having following my suprapubic catheter operation, I dont feel up to another invasive procedure just yet.

I explained to the podiatrist and she agreed its best to wait. i described the pain to her.......stabbing and very painful. I told her that the hospital who did the op, my GP and district nurses cant say what`s causing the pain.

She said when she sees diabetic patients, they often complain of the same kind of pain…and that is caused by nerve damage!

So that`s what must be causing my pain…nerve damage…which is what has caused my condition from the start! Revelation!

I`ll be seeing my new neuro on 16th September. I feel relieved with this new possible answer to my sore tum! Hopefully she can prescribe something for that and my heel pain.

luv Pollx

By eck Poll you dont do things by halves do you? I love to read your post’s they are certainley entertaining :slight_smile: Sue

Hi Poll, I am amazed by some of the things that I read on here. How come so many professionals could not tell you where the pain came from but your podiatrist could, surely the type of pain you described to your G.P., district nurses and hospital at least one of them must have seen it before. As for the removal of the toenail, as we say in Scotland, gads and boak. Sounds sore and dry heaving inducing. The very thought of that makes my toes curl. I hope your pain gets sorted out soon then you can get on to getting the toenail seen to and then that pain will also be sorted. Keep well. Linda xxx

Oh Poll. As if you haven’t got enough to worry about.

Having a toe nail removed sounds like torture from the old days. You don’t even get given brandy now to numb the pain!!!

Hope you get it sorted soon hun

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll,

Hun - this is whats known as taking the … well Michael will do, to be polite.

Tell your body to behave itself and start working properly!! Or is it a case that all the good-looking male doctors and nurses all work up near you - in which case I moving

Take care of yourself hun - we’d be lost here without you. Good luck with 16th Sept!


Kelly xx

Have you had a toe-nail removed before Poll. When l had to have my big toe- removed - they just froze it and touched the nail with a heated pin - and straightaway the pain goes and the nail dies and is released. Soon grows - but the nail bed is a bit sore for a while - but not the same pain as an ingrowing nail. They do the same procedure if someone shuts their finger in a car door etc. Once they pierce the nail - all the pain goes. Pressure released.

l have had one of the horses [always the heaviest] stand on my foot - and turn around on it. Ending up with a crushed toenail.

Once it starts to re-grow - you might need the chiropodist to keep it shaped neatly so it does not happen again.

‘eckythump’ is a apt name for a dodgy toe-nail!!

Hi, many thanks once again for your much appreciated support.

Kell…tell my body to behave itself…ha, now if I could do that, it wouldve been sorted eons ago and then id have been knocking on all your doors, with my miracle words…eeee, if only!

Frances… no, I haven`t had a toenail removed before.

Its a bit different to what theyre gonna do…they reckon that the nail will never grow properly, even after removal. So they will put some crystals in the nail bed, which will stop it growing back. They did say they could remove the sides of the nail and leave the middle bit…but I think thats daft........just remove the lot and then Ill stick a falsie on the toe and paint it bright red to match the others!

That makes me sound like the stuff and nonsense hardy women French and Saunders did a sketch about. Anyone recall it? I think it was a take off 2 Fat Ladies. One cut a finger off and said stuff and nonsense, Ive got lots left!`

luv Pollxx