Ouch!! Big toe!

Of all things, the top of my big toe has gone numb to touch but it hurts, feels like the toe is bent back and the nail is being pulled off. Don’t you just love how this affects us in such strange ways? Hope everyone is keeping cool! Sue x

Hi Sue

Funnily enough my toe has been behaving in a similar way and has become painful. I’m putting it down to the heat, trying to keep cool with the ceiling fan going but it’s becoming difficult.

I hope you are managing to keep cool yourself.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, The heat is a real problem! If I don’t have to go out it’s not bad, can be in the shade in the garden/have the fan on indoors etc., but I do the school runs for my granddaughter five days per week and wish it was cooler. Hubby been on holiday this week too so wants to go out and about so I try but they don’t understand how much the heat affects. Don’t want to say’roll on autumn’ but… Are you keeping cool yourself? I have a little more feeling in my toe this evening, maybe as I am cooler now? I don’t know. Best wishes, Sue x

Hi Sue

If I stay in with the ceiling fan going doing nothing I’m ok. I am so glad it’s rainy today. I had to cancel a trip to the local dockyard yesterday as I wouldn’t have enjoyed it and my husband wouldn’t have enjoyed pushing me in the wheelchair.

I’m off to see my elderly dad today, he likes to cook me lunch once a week (all in the microwave), I do enjoy the visit but dad is on warfain and doesn’t seem to feel the heat and forgets that the heat affects me, I have to remind him.

I’ll be wearing my ‘cool tie’ today. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it but it’s a tie that contains crystals, you soak in water and it stays cool for up to 24 hours or more. It does seem to help.

Good luck coping with the heat.

Wendy x

l also suffer with a very painful big toe! Did at first think it was a ingrowing toe-nail. Had that seen to - but it still hurts/throbs. Then l was convinced it was gout. But GP says that gout effects the joint of the toe not the top. lt does feel easier when l remember to take apple-cider vinegar [ which neutralises the uric-acid]

lts more comfortable if l wear open-toe sandals - but l cant wear my orthotics with sandals. So l am going to cut the toe off one of the pairs of Hotters l have. See if this works. My dad use to do this with my school sandals, when l was little - and my feet would grow overnight!!

Try soaking your feet in water with Epsom Salts [magnesium] in. lf you are able to get into a bath - then put it in the bath.