Toe pain.....aaaarrrgh!

Hi all,

I haven’t posted in a while, but looking for some advice before I go to go.

Recently had increased numbness in my toes, with intense pain.
Can’t heat my feet or nose, and hands up! Then sometimes when I go to bed I get too warm…

The pain is intense…anyone else suffer this?


Karen x

Make sure its not gout! Intense big toe pain can be gout

Hi Karen

I agree with Mrbob, gout causes extreme pain usually in the big toe.

Might be as well to get it checked out.


Ive had the toe pain, it comes and goes nowadays but in the beginning when I had my first major relapse my toe joined in.  Now both are numb.  I called it my toothache in my big toe.


Yes check it isnt anything else but Im one mser who has had it.  Amytryptiline seems to subdue the pain somewhat, ask for that if it persists.





I to have suffered  withn intense pain in both big toes and the whole of my feet. My doc' at that time said it was gout.

Now I'm sure it was MS as I still suffer from it and I don't drink and never did to excess. So far as getting very hot, the sweat would pour off of me, thankfully it has eased up but my body temperature is definately not the same. I suddenly get very hot then just as quickly I'm cold!  MS is different with everyone. Have you spoken to your doctor, if not I would suggest a little trip and talk to him/her.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the replies, I plan to head to the GP tomorrow!

The pain is mostly in the toe next to my small toe, and is like toothache, but in my toe.

The small toe, the one next to it and the big toe n both feet are totally numb…and seem sorer when they are cold, but then at night when they heat up I can’t cool them down…honestly it’s never ending!

Thanks :slight_smile: