Painful Big Toes

Hello to you all, I don’t know if my problem is MS related but I thought I would see if anyone else has or has had a similar problem.

Last year I had what I thought was a big toe fungal infection but tests showed that it wasn’t. Over time both my big toe nails turned a yellowish colour and eventually one nail grew off and a new nail grew in its place. However the other big toe nail died and I was able to cut the dead nail off. This second toe nail hasn’t grown at all.

I am now getting a lot of pain in both my big toes both day and night. This pain comes and goes, sometimes it’s both yours other times it’s either the left or the right toe that hurts and it’s painful for both toes at night with the weight of the duvet.

A podiatrist suggested it could be nerve pain. Has anyone else had a similar problem. I have SPMS. Walking for me us very difficult.

I would really be interested to hear the views of an MS suffering.

Thank you in anticipation of any response to my problem.


It could be nerve pain as a result of whatever caused the loss of your nails, there’s a reason your nails have died and come off. I’d have that investigated further before I blamed MS nerve pain.

Good luck

Jan x

i lost both my nails on big toes, i assumed it was fungal. HOWEVER, I do have terrible nerve pain in my left big toe, and occasionally excruiatingly my big toe will pull itself away from the next toe which is always in spasm. so you can literally see a big space between both and the pain is just unbelievable. i was told it was my PPMS, spasms, cramp, and nerve pain. i also get eryrthamyalfia when the feet go really red and hot and boy the pain of that is bad.

I have woke up to painful left foot. it is crazy.

i was told pain in feet for progressive MS is quite normal.

I was in hospital last weekend with a suspected stroke which they believe was actually active PPMS. so all kinds of things are hitting me at the moment.

however, the loss nails i am sure is part of poor auto immune response. I have a lot of friends with MS who seem to get this.

Sounds awful indeed. My toenails are crumbly…especially the big toenails. I see a podiatrist every 5 weeks for a trim, as they go ingrown if not checked. I had the sides of one of them surgically removed 3 years ago. I dont get the pain you 2 describe.

Feel for you


I’ve got a potential big toe problem at the moment too!

On Friday my physio was doing her stuff with her ‘pummel gun’ and I always feel the benefit, circulation wise, when she does the soles of my feet.

This time she noticed that the toes my right foot seemed quite warm and a bit discoloured compared to my left foot and when she touched the tip of my big toe it made me grimace.
She pointed the comparison out to my wife, who straightaway got anxious as two years ago when the carers wheeled me into my wet room shower I was a bit too close to the wall and I had a spasm and ended up kicking the wall.
It drew blood. Over the next few weeks it got worse and worse and even the district nurse who was coming to dress an ulcer on my other foot suggested I should go to the doctors.
Being a bit gung ho and saying “na’h I can’t go to the doctors just about a toe” the bottom line is I ended up in hospital for 10 days and having the offending (second toe in ) amputated.

Because of my own stupidity it is probably just about now that I can support myself on a patient turner to get from bed to wheelchair. Mea culpa.

Just getting it sorted. Now!

ow Stefos! You made me wince


Not been on here for a while, but my big toe nails are dodgy, yellowish and never thought it was attributed to my poxy SPMS. I attended a chiropodist due to an ingrown corn on my little toe back in January (before the restrictions) and he recommended applying Vicks vaporub, yes Vicks and it does help my nails when rubbed in under the tops.

I still maintain that CBD oil helps my left foot and leg earl morning cramps, whether it’s the cheaper hemp oil or the more expensive cannabis oil, they both work for me.