Cutting toe nails.

Had a nightmare trying to cut my toe nails in the shower today. Both my legs decided to have a shaking frenzy & the room was spinning like a merry go round. Then my hand kept dropping the tweezers. I was so determined to rid myself of the claws.

With clawed up feet, walking has become a carpet pluck.

I’m thankful I can still walk. Even if it seems like being a magnet. Drawn to certain directions & easily passing off as someone paralytically drunk. I’ve only had a pint of water with Iodine drops.

The moral of this story is, see a chiropodist if it’s a struggle.

The simple things can turn into a bad scenario.

Terry’s toe nails.

My toenails tend to look like they belong to a troll. It’s a permanent problem. I agree with you, see a chiropodist. But I don’t take that advice myself. I sit on my shower chair with toenail clippers and a big file and do my best every couple of months when I can’t bear them anymore. At least I don’t walk about with bare feet. I barely walk at all, so there’s no carpet tugging here.

Sues toe nails


Luckily my hubby has started doing mine, I just can’t do it anymore! Sonia x

Hi Terry As you rightly say toenail cutting can be a real pain, and a chiropodist is the answer, but like sue says I never take my own advice. I am lucky where my lovely husband steps up for me. Take care Pam x

Hi there Pam. It’s useful when others can step in & genuinely h£lp.

Since my downward spiral, after being diagnosed. All I seem to of attracted are penny pinchers. I thought that, losing my job, home, partner, savings, projects & being called a fruit cake by Neuropsychologists, trying to explain I’m hallucinating, because of where the scars are located in my brain. The trials are never ending.

When obviously having issues. Falling all over the place & dizzy as hell. I get to hear of peoples pimple problems & how they are much worse than MS (multiple scars) in the brain & spine. The problem they can’t see & therefore doesn’t exist.

Tesla or Bell? Believe those who fake & steal. It’s a money issue!

My toe nails are trimmed now & Iodine has taken away any chance of infection. No need for a GP, doctor or so called expert.

Looking after ourselves is important.