Bathroom tip!

Hello on this fine spring day.

A bit of advice:

After hauling yourself out of the shower with the assistance of a selfless, heroic beatiful wife, ensure you have a stable, towel covered chair to sit on in order to dry one’s saturated frame. When ready to stand up with the help of a grab rail, wait until said beautiful wife returns to help you. Do not try to do this on your own with a wet floor as your standing foot is liable to skid on the shiny floor forcing your big toe into the skirting board with a level of force usually reserved for taking a penalty or converting a try. At least make sure the floor is dry or that another towel is on the floor. Remember, even while doing the most tried and tested of ordinary daily routines there is always some little mishap that can leave you bruised and bloodied-and in this case with you big toe nail hanging off. Ouch!

Good wishes, Steve.

It’s no fun this MS lark - is it Steve? I hope your toe is OK . Try not to do stuff that your body can’t do anymore. My legs seem to be getting much worse and every thing I need to do is like climbing a mountain. Sitting on my a**e all day seems to be the thing I’m best at now! Keep safe, Teresa xx

oooh Steve hope toe is ok.

I’ll tell you another… although this was couple of years ago… in posh hotel room, do not be tempted to climb into deep jacuzzi type bath… you will then have the indignity of having friend trying to pull your wet, embarrassed self out of said bath.

Also, while this is happening, getting fit of hysterical giggles does not help.

Nuff said!

Pat x


If your toenail is hanging off, then I really feel for you, I know exactly how painful this is!

I hope you recover soon!


Ouch indeed! I was threatened with having my 2 big toenails off, as they were sore from me banging therm against anything I passed. Well shoes and slippers are size 8, to allow for swelling.

If I lived in China, I`d never get a husband! They hate big feet on women.

Anyroad, hope the tootsies are ok now.

luv Pollx

I am going for the honors degree in sitting on my a**e I am sure I will pass with flying colours. Hope your toe is OK Steve. Go carefull out there, it is a jungle MS makes even the most simple task a marathon. XXX Don