Podiatry Clinic

Hi,I recently went to see my GP because I have a Corn on my foot because I have to wear tight fitting shoes because of numb feet, he said don’t use over the counter Corn remedies and because I have MS he’d refer me to a Podiatry Clinic to try and get to the cause of the problem. The Podiatrist said because I have MS and sensory problems with my feet I qualify to have my feet checked regularly,even have my toe nails cut as there’s a chance I may cut my toes and even get a pair of shoes specially made for me. I didn’t know these services were available through the NHS for people with MS. Hope they make me a pair of Adidas. Dave.

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hiya dave

i am fairly disabled now-cant reach toenails and not safe with scissors and clippers are difficult. i have sensation and circulation probs but after 2 visits they said that either my carers could cut nails or local beauticians. i opted for beauticians because they actually care and file/shape where chiropodist just cut!

cutbacks again i guess! but as i go for fingernail and eyebrow maintainence i am happy to add toenails to their job.

most local beauticians have deals for this very reason i understand. something to remember for future?


Hi, I lost all mobility a few years back and suffered with ingrowing big toenails…VERY painful!

I see podiatry for toenail clipping regularly.

Last May, I had the sides of one toenail removed. I was absolutely terrified, but you know, it was much better than I`d imagined.

The podiatrists are lovely!