Brown spots on toes


Has anyone had problems with brown spots appearing upon the end of or just underneath the toes?

I have been having this problem for the last 2 months, first on a big toe then that seemed to improve with rubbing in hand cream but it then it started upon the next couple of toes and can be painful at times? I have nerve damage to both legs from MS over the years and am used to my feet tingling/pins and needles etc but over the past couple of weeks they have been burning a lot more?

Anybody had the same???

Thanks, Keith

I don’t know if this is the same, but about 15 years ago when going through one of my worst-ever exacerbations, my big toes (and then a couple others) would turn brown or dark purple just in the area underneath the toenail. I’d wake up that way, and by the next day it would be gone, only to turn up in a different toe a day later. They only did that for a few weeks, but other than feeling cold (in the middle of summer) I don’t remember having any pain with them, and it’s never happened since.

Hello NorasMom,
Thanks for coming back and appoligies for not replying before but with the change of the Web page, I have only just managed to get back in.
Happy to say that this espsopde seems to have passed with no other issues so far I think? I dont think that it was the same as you reported, as mine stayed for a period of time (weeks) rather than coming and going but did move onto other toes but only on one foot.
I hope your MS is stabile at the prsent time and will remain that way.