Hi everyone have a good day x

Hi Lina

You too!


Hi Lina,

Most days are good days, unless gravity gets involved.


ah yes, the gravity of any situation can make a good day go bad!

lina, had a strange old day until my sister came round to tell me about what happened when she visited our dad in hospital.

she’s a scream!

they were all waiting in the corridor for visiting time to begin.

my sis had heard that dad was being transferred to a different ward so she asked a passing nurse.

nurse said yes he’ll be wheeled past here in the next 2 minutes.

after 2 minutes a bed was wheeled past and sis assumed it was dad.

one of the people pushing the bed mentioned halfway house in pemberton.

sis freaked out, she had never heard of halfway house and thought it was a hospice (in fact it’s a pub).

the two people pushing the bed were very concerned but then another bed appeared with our dad in it!

then followed much more daft mistakes.

anyway the important thing is that dad is doing ok.

i’m going to try to go tomorrow.