I had to go, or i couldnt have come back!

Hi guys!

I`m back from our 3 night stay in good old Blackpool!

Oh I just cant say enough about how wonderful it all was. I feel so chilled, relaxed and chuffin appy!!!

First impressions of the hotel were a bit …mmmm? Yeh it could do with a tidy up, but to be honest it was quite like home, with lots of dings and chunks taken out of walls and doors, by my fellow wheelie users.

There were a lot of guests, with wide ranging health issues. Quite a few folk with learning difficulties, but one particular group of lads, with Downs, couldnt half dance and sing! One of em won the best gangnam dancing!..ooop oop oop sexy lady.. Everyone gelled well and there were lots of cuddles all round.

There was a drag act…Vikki la Plume…hilarious and such incredible legs! We laughed till we couldnt breathe! Then we laughed some more in bed and wet oursleves..well I did and thats nowt fresh!

After the karioke, we traversed the hotel corridors singing If I could wheel500 miles and if I couldwheel 500 more....

Sis won on the nightly bingo…£20!

The food? Well, it was 1st class…gorgeous.

The weather? Well, let`s say we certainly had our cobwebs blown away! Each time we set off my rain cover was blown inside out and my legs jiggled like Elvis…we laughed oursleves hoarse.

I`ve come back with a blingy leopard print handbag and scarf and… leopard and gold print baseball boots! Oh and pop sox to match! And a rude pressy for my morning carer!

So, yeh I can recommend the Bond hotel and we`re going again next year…for longer!

Missed y`all and good to be home!

much luv, Pollyxxxxxxxxxxx

ps, oh there is a fab CP loo in Debenhams.

Hi Poll, Sounds like you had a really fantastic time - hope you’ll be able to go again sometime! It appears that loads of fun was had by all. Brilliant! Glad you feel really relaxed and happy. Teresa xx

Welcome back Poll,your batteries are defo re-charged(lord preserve us) and I’m worrying about leopard print now.I wonder if they can wind the central heating up high enough that we could hold our first “Winter Whinge” there?

Wb x

Hi Poll,

Wondered how you got on , the North East weather wasn’t the best over the weekend.

Glad you had such a good time, you made me laugh with your exploits, so you cheered others up too !

Love the sound of all the leopard print - will make you laugh when you wear it!

Jen x

Glad you had a good time Poll - here’s Vicki - http://www.vickylaplume.co.uk/video_1.html

(some of the folks I work with go to The Bond every year!)

Ah superb, sounds like you had a right time!

Hi Poll, welcome back from your travels. Sounds like you had a fab time. Anne x.

Glad you had a good time Poll, welcome back x

Hi Poll, Have been looking forward to your return posting!! Sounds like good fun had by all…laughter the best medicine by the sounds of it!! :0)

Wow Poll that sounds fantastic!!!

So glad it went well…

Pat x

Sounds like you had a blast !! Xx

You sound so chillaxed! I’m so happy you had a good time. Love Sara x

Sounds good Poll, glad you had a fab time. I like the atmosphere in Blackpool, it’s a case of anything goes! I can just imagine you in all your leopard print finery ;-). Would love to know what the rude pressie is for the carer (wouldn’t happen to be rude shaped rock would it?)

I remember going to Blackpool years ago to see the illuminations in October, it was chilly then too. I’ve never forgotten going to see the Dr Who exhibition with my oldest sis. She always used to hide behind the sofa when the daleks came on TV and there was one outside the exhibition. As we walked up to it she was frantically finishing a cigarette before we could go in. Then the dalek spoke and see “Cigarettes must be ex-terminat-ed!!” I swear she left the ground (and I think she needed a change of underwear too but she wouldn’t admit it)! She was physically shaking and kept saying “I didn’t know the bleeding thing could talk”. He he he, it made my weekend and although she kept trying to make me keep quiet she didn’t pay me enough and I told everyone as soon as we got home . Ah, happy memories …

Tracey x

welcome back Poll you’ve certainly had a brilliant time bet you can’t wait to go back. Welcome back x

Thanks everyone for your replies and the video link Anu.

Still feeling the benefits and singing, Sexy lady.....ooo, ooo, oooh!

luv Pollx

That`s a brill story re your sis and the daleks. We went to the exhibition, eons ago when our eldest was little. She flew as well, when a dalek spoke to her.

luv Pollx

Lst time i was in blkpool was for a trek con at the Castle, didn’t see outside for 4 days lol