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Hallo! Is there anybody there!

Chuffin eck, feels like I`ve had me hands chopped off…a whole week and not able to talk to my buddies here.

I`ll be back in full flood tomorrow.

Nitey nite folks!



Welcome back Poll, you’ve been missed x

Full steam ahead Poll - we’ve missed you


Come on in …the waters lovely

Where have you chuffin well been Poll? We’ve missed you!! Welcome back.

Shazzie xx

Poll we missed you! Don’t leave us again - naughty broadband!! Xx

Yay, you made it, is t’internet fixed? x

Hey poll! Good to see you back! You’ve been chuffin’ missed :slight_smile: x

Ah, its heartwarming to know Ive been missed.

It`s been a busy and stressful couple of weeks in our gaff.

It seems it was the shower which caused the consumer unit to smoke and smell of burning bakelite.

Hubby installed a new unit, but it wasn`t easy and had to ask for help after a few days of pulling his hair out. We got some advice from the electricity provider.

Then my netbook wouldnt play nice! Hubby decided it was the routers fault. Bought a new one.............hours and hours of swearing and stuff! Took it back to shop and was told hed bought the more complicated one, so swapped it for a different one. Still couldnt connect, so had to wait for a more techy minded person to come.

Ive had a lot of pain myself............constipation and suprapubic catheters are not good bed fellows! Had to have an enema a few days ago, but was still in pain. Its like a stabbing feeling in me tum, about 3 or 4 inches to the right of my Popeye hole.

Today is better, cos ive been plenty!

Got 11 year old granddaughter staying with us and been entertaining her and, of course, been out for a good bit of retail therapy with her today.

Tomorrow we are having a family party for told fellas 65th birthday. He says as he will lose his carer`s allowance, he will no longer care for me!

Chuffin ell! If that happens, I`ll be up to me neck in chuff knows what!

Good to be back!

luv Pollx

Good to see you back. Missed your posts. Let’s hope you have a quieter few weeks.

Hi Poll

Glad things have been sorted out, you been through a lot lately, hopefully

that’s the end of it.

Happy Birthday to your hubby, and I think it is totally wrong that at 65 he will

lose the carer’s allowance. What do they think, when you reach that age, he

just stops caring, I think it’s diabolical.

Take care

Pam x

welcome back Poll, the more mad people on here the better if you ask me

Hi Poll Great to have you back amongst us. My hubby was 65 on Monday!! No party we went out for nice meal!! Hope Popeye is behaving? Luv Linda x

So W is 65 too. 1948 produced some good guys!

Is he retiring from caring for you then?

My G keeps threatening he is, but i know different!

luv Pollx



Ha ha Poll he never did get carers allowance so he’s got no excuse to stop caring for me!!! Hope Graham had a nice day? Linda x