Broadband at LAST

OMG I’ve been over 2 weeks without an internet connection and I’ve felt totally lost. I have moved into my adapted bungalow and am completely exhausted but it has been the worst not to be able to get online. I can’t imagine how many times I’ve sat at the computer to Google something only to be disappointed. I have missed this site very much and am going to settle in with a nice cuppa and read what’s been happening in my absence. On the bungalow front I am getting used to it but it has reminded me very forcibly how much I don’t like change. I know that I am VERY lucky to have this council property with wet room, ramps etc but it is taking some getting used to. (It’s only been 2 weeks though so it’s early days yet) Well, my virtual friends I am so glad to be back and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things here. Jane

Welcome back Jane and within another few weeks your new styled bungalow will be like home again, your home. Life will become much easier then youll wonder why you had to wait so long to get your life back. Being without internet connection is like having your throat cut. Glad your back. Just wanted you to know a lot of regular msers arent on here as yet, new version coming out soon, so dont give up hope. May you spend a lot of happy times in your new environment. Welcome back, bren xxx

Welcome back, Jane, and every good wish for happiness in your new home. Alison x

I really sympathise! Being without a laptop / internet connection is horrible! Glad you’ve got it back - welcome home :slight_smile: Karen x

Welcome back and I hope you are enjoying your new bungalow…xx Maria.