Got my own bungalow

Not been on here for a while so thought it was about time I posted a message tolet people know what hapening. I have been given a one bed bungalow with wet room.

My mum has had it painted and carpeted and paied for some electric recliner furniture, I was fitted for a wheel char today which I will use when I am out of the house,I’m really excited and can’t wait to move in.

To quote Mel Gibsonin Braveheart “Freeeeeeeedoooooom!”

Brill news Raggy.

When`s the housewarming?

luv Pollx

Great news Jon!

All the best in your new life of FREEDOM!

Pat x

Hi, It is so good to hear good news. Hope your bungalow lives up to all you expect and enjoy your wheelie and new found freedom. Janet x