I've accepted the bungalow

I have just been out to view the 1 bed bungalow that they offered me and I’ve accepted it it’s lovely quite large and has a wet room.

it has a fairly large front garden which the council cut and a fairly large back yard with a shed for my mobility scooter when I get one.

I’m really excited and can’t wait to move in

Woohoo !! Result. Really pleased for you. Happy new home, Xx

Thats great. Hope you have many happy years in your new home.

Great news Jon. When do you move in? Teresa xx

Congratulations Jon!

Fantastic news.

Pat x

What great news!


I can move in as soon as soon as I want I think I’m going to move things in in bits as I have the keys and lots of things to move and the people that are gona help are all available at different times

This is just smashing, super, great!

How excited you must be.

luv Pollx

Best news yet Jon. l am thrilled for you. Hope lots of folk in your area will help you. Will you need much - is the kitchen already fitted with appliances? l hope so. There are lots of different organisations who do help with furniture etc. Salvation Army are one.


that’s lovely news, oh you will be so excited, good luck, Jean x

Yey!!! Good news.

We have a bungalow and it makes life so much easier with everything on a level. The council have just put a wet room in too which is lovely.

Congratulations!!! Enjoy it.

Shazzie xxx

Yeah it already has a nice new wet room large front garden which the council mow, large back yard with a shed for my scooter when I get one as scooters aren’t allowed in doors

Brand new double glazing, new front door, new fire place and it’s in a nice street and area too I’m so excited

It sounds ideal Jon - no wonder you’re excited. Hope you get in very soon! Teresa xx