Going to view a Bungalow

I had a call from my local housing group today advising me that they are going to offer me a 1 bed bungalow woohoo I also had a meeting with my social worker and O/T who have already seen the place and think it is ideal for me.

My O/T is gonna come view it with me tomorrow so hopefully I will like it and be moving out very soon, by the sounds of iot I will like it.


Can’t wait to hear about it and hope it is ok and you can take it

Pat x

Oh now this really is good news.

I hope it is just what you want/need.

luv Pollx

I’ve just been for a look at the outside and the area and love it, think I am going to take it if the inside is as nice as the outside it will be perfect, my O/T and my social worker have described it to me and I love the sound of it so think I have finally found my new place

Jon you have gone anon but assume it’s you… (unless someone else is after your bungalow… OH NO Anon leave Jon’s bungalow alone!!!)

Glad it’s looking good. Often if you get a good feeling on the outside it will be the right place!

Very happy for you,

Pat x

Great news Jon - hope it all works out for you! Teresa xx

Jon, l was only thinking about you the other day - wondering how you were getting on. Now this is good news - so fingers crossed that it is the one for you. Wish l lived nearby - as l - like many others on here could probably help you ‘kit it out’.