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Added to the list of people who’ve not been seen for a wee while is Ellie. Many of you know her, she’s had the worst flipping luck with relapses and now she’s most definitely progressive.

I had a text from her daughter yesterday from Ellie’s phone, explaining that her eyesight, which has been pretty much non existent in one eye for some time, has deteriorated. So she can no longer see to read or write text with either eye. Those who know Ellie will remember she plucked up the courage to post on the sight regardless of her poor typing, spelling, etc.

I feel so sorry for El, she’s been an indomitable adventurous spirit, zooming round the country to meet many people from the forum. She already had carers to help her with so many everyday things, but losing eyesight has got to be up there with the worst.

I can pass on any good wishes etc, I’m in touch with her daughter who will read out any texts.



Hello. Thanks so much for this, I’d been wondering about her. We exchanged emails occasionally, so now I know why she’s not replied. Please pass on my very best wishes to her, I’m so sorry to hear she’s having such a rotten time. Yvonne

Oh Sue I am so sorry to hear this about Ellie, eyes are so precious. Please pass on my best wishes to her and her family.

Pam x

Sue, thanks for this update. I have been wondering about Ellie.

She really has been an indomitable adventurous lady.

Can you tell her please that she is missed and hugs are being sent to her.



My good wishes to Cinderellie, please, and I am very sorry that she has been in the wars. A x

Thanks for the update Sue,
I was wondering about Ellie, and very sad to hear about her eyesight. There is a dictation mode with Microsoft Word, I wonder if there is some kind of stand alone tool that would enable Ellie to read and write on the forum. Please send her my very best wishes. Mick

I’m sorry to hear this. I enjoyed her recent posts because of the level of strength and determination she showed. She kind of became my little hero. Best wishes to her and her daughter. Perhaps her daughter can post on here for her?

I’ve just sent a text to Ellie and included your various messages to her. Her son is staying with her for a few days, her daughter has now gone home - luckily Ellie has a big enough family.

I’m not expecting to get a whole load of texts in response. Her children don’t seem to be too able to communicate with a complete stranger to them!! But anything I do hear, I’ll pass on.

Sue xx

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So sorry to hear about Ellie. I loved to follow her adventures and admire her bravery. Please send her my best wishes.
If she has a little sight maybe contact RNIB who have so many useful gadgets that might help.
Sue x

A further update from Ellie, this one is slightly longer so clearly dictated by her to son/daughter.

Her eyesight problem in her ‘good’ eye began about 2 weeks ago and rapidly progressed. She’d just before had her first Covid jab so believes that her immune system went into overdrive and caused her complete loss of sight in that eye. This has just added to her ‘bad’ eye already being utterly useless. She’s been trying every day to get some help (I assume from neuro / ophthalmologist / MS nurse) but none is forthcoming at the moment!!!

She has thanked you all for your kind thoughts and wishes, they are much appreciated.

I’ve answered her with my own post Covid vax side effects (that are still continuing 2.5 weeks past jab #2) and expressed hope that her eye issues actually improve in the next few weeks. My #1 jab effects took about 3 weeks to resolve and I think this is about average for the Pfizer vaccine.) I’m finding it quite interesting that quite a few people are experiencing immune system interference following their jab. Obviously so long as the side effects remit, it’s better than death due to Covid.


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