where is everyone?


i know how difficult it has been recently to post anything or reply to a post.

now the boards are boring because they are not being as well used as they used to be.

i still can’t keep away because it has been a big part of my daily routine.

hope it gets back to normal soon

carole x

Hi, I have just started using this website after 8 months!
I totally forgot I joined to be honest!, Im hoping I can stick to it more this time, so I can offer support as well as receive support too :slight_smile:



The only way I can answer people at the moment, is to use the quote facility.

Well whoopee doo

Hoi, I have had trouble with the site all week. Every time I tried to long on I was having difficulties. Hopefully this is sorted now and things will return to normal.


Thanks for posting this Carole. I have been thinking about posting exactly the same.

I have noticed that lots of the buddies I have made over the past 12 years on here haven’t been using the site as much as they used to.

I haven’t been put off by the new set up of the site but I have noticed that the a lot of the old timers (me included) haven’t been on here as much. I too have missed my mates. Hope they are all ok.

Shazzie xx

I have been busy with a decorating disaster and then had a short holiday which was much needed after the stress (I will explain all in a proper thread of my own eventually). I did want to check in on the site as I normally do during the week but the damned system decided my password was invalid even though it’s the one I’ve been using forever and my computer is set up to remember it for me so I can’t possibly have typed it incorrectly!! I didn’t have time to go through the whole resetting it rigmarole until today.

I have sorted it today and have now reset my password back to the old one which I’ve always used because it was so easy to remember. My memory is so poor that I can’t have the hassle of trying to learn a new password when I know the old one hasn’t been compromised as it was really personal to me and a hacker would have to have a very bizarre mind if they managed to guess it, ha ha!!

I’m hoping to get back to chatting with everyone on a regular basis again soon.

Tracey x

if ireply more than a few words its not allowed???

If you copy your post before trying to post it and the post isn’t allowed you can then paste and try again…if that makes sense.

Jan x

all replies now monitored before appearing – site is slowly ‘dying’ – give it another 6 weeks

Nonsense. Just a blip :slight_smile:

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*Hi Carole

I don’t know about you but I’m not getting any notifications, well I did get some but they’ve stopped now and I can’t remember who or what I’ve written to.

The board does seem quiet compared with what it was like when I first joined around 2009.

Wendy x

Hi Carole,

same here too, just registered a couple of weeks ago and then could not log in and reply to people (until tonight after 2 attempts!!). Glad it worked finally though! It’s a valuable support just to read through and see what pepole are up too and what’s going on!! Though glad that the anonymous horrible person making all those nasty comments got told what for!!!

Anyway, you were lovely enough to support me when I first posted and I have seen what support you have given others in their posts and I know its much appreciated x x x are my suspicions correct and you are also a teacher like myself?? X x x


It’s much harder to use now and we don’t get email notifications anymore. My iPad didn’t like it so I couldn’t connect for ages.

hope they sort it soon. I started using another forum at which is very friendly and there are technical experts on hand if you have trouble

That is total nonsense. How many hours do you think a volunteer moderator has in a day?


Hi Carole

I’ve only been on here for a short time, but I quickly realised how addictive it is. Everyone is so friendly, supportive, intelligent and wise … particularly the regulars … thanks for being there guys!

I work 4 days a week, but regularly have to check what’s going on during the day (but obviously only when it’s quiet!).

It’s so reassuring to know there are others out there with the same problems who will freely give their advice, support and, possibly just as important, general chat & humour!

It’s a ray of light in a sea of darkness!

I hadn’t realised there were still problems with the new site. Is everyone letting Stewart know what problems the are still having?

It is still the summer holidays, so hopefully things will pick up in September.

Emma x

Hi Emma

I too find this site reassuring. There is always someone to chat with when we are worried about symptoms that crop up or even if we just need a chat to stop us feeling so lonely and to realise that there are others suffering the same.

Take care and have a nice day.

Shazzie xx

I’m fairly new here, although not new to MS unfortunately! I’ve been reading all the posts & replying to some if I think my opinion might help. Everyone is very supportive & friendly great information too!

Rosina x

I have only just managed to get back on this site since the upgrade. The problems I have had trying to log in…

i think there are a lot of other people also having major problems accessing the site. That is probably why there are not many people posting on here.


I am pretty new too and found this site a wonderful help - thanks everyone xx

Am also have intermittent problems with the site. Had to rest my password again today and am getting a page load error when I try to return to main forum page quite often.