hi everyone, its been a very long time since i was here. its all changed i did not recognise it, i first joined over 3 yrs ago, been very unwell, i was attacked a few months ago, my mum was very ill so really ihad no time to come visit, but now i do not recognise any names and i had lots of reallygood friends here are they all gone, any way in case any one recognizes me i am janice and all my friends names have gone either that or i have forgot please if any one who has been a member for a while please get in touch, i am trying soooooo hard to remember names but dam this ms there gone, any way would be nice to chat



Hi Janice

I remember your user name. Dunno if you remember me, but hello anyway. It does seem like there’s a lot of new names, but then I’d been starting to feel that on the old board just before it changed over - lots of new names and less of the ones I was more familiar with. But maybe that’s just me.

Sorry you’ve had a hard time - that all sounds pretty stressful. Hopefully you can get some support from us all here (even if it’s lots of new people).


Janice,yes I remember you too.You were very kind and supportive to me when I was really struggling.Years ago now so don’t worry if you don’t remember,certain things stick in my head but most just flies right out.

I’m sorry to hear of your troubles,I hope things are better now,it’s great to hear from you again.A lot of people have stopped posting but new people have joined and there’s still a few oldies left.

And the smiles are great .

Take care,xxjo

Hi Janice, I remember you. Welcome back! Yes it’s all changed on here and some of the old crowd are gone, but there’s still some of us hanging around and some great newbies too.

Pat x