Old one's

Where’s everyone gone lol i cant see any of the old names and old folks on here pigpen blossom Jen etc has someone left the door open and let them escape lol

respect sheep

l think we need to do a head count- Sheep. Start taking a register. Everyone has to sign in -

I am still here. Been hanging round since 2008 lol. Love Bex xxx


kinda feeling ancient. Been around since February 2003.


Think I count as one of the old guard too

(Used to have an avatar with an old bird on a red scooter with a little dog!)


I`m still here too! I dont post as much as I used to, but still read stuff most days.


I’m here. Been a member for years, from the old site. MS for over 25 years. Don’t come on as often as I used to.

Got to know people by their avatar and they kept disappearing. Think people got a bit frustrated.

Do read about once a week.

Jen x