Hello everybody,

After months of trying, I have finally managed to get back onto the site, I disappeared into the ether when the site changed, as did all my buddies. Ive missed the chats so much. now I need to remember my new password and when Ive written it down I need to remember where it is. How do I put my photo on here please??

Best wishes to you all


Welcome back Trish

This site takes some time to get used to and unfortunately has lost some of the good feature - but something is better than nothing (that’s how I look upon it) as it helps me have some conversation with people who understand MS.

If its any consolation I can’t remeber my password either - I keep having to ask for a new one.

It looks like you have worked out how to put a picture on.

;-))))) Mary

Hi pic looks fab…i dunno how to do that or get an avatar.

I struggled with new set up, but perseverance won through.

Now I don`t profess to be techy minded, but I did wanna keep in touch with everyone.

Yeh, we have lost some good guys, sadly.

luv Pollx

Oh great two replys, I feel like Robinson Crusoe spotting a ship!!! I managed to work out to put my picture on, Im second left hehe.

Ive not spotted many familiar names yet but thats an opportunity to make new freinds.

Best wishes Trish xx

Hi Trish I’m a recent addition to this site but thought I’d just introduce myself. Glad you found your way back. Teresa xx

Hello Trish,

Welcome to this site. I hope you find your old friends on here and make new ones in the process.

Janet x