Forum upgrade

Looks like its bye bye until thursday everyone! Take care, keep cool and be as well as possible. Love nina x

Goodness where did you read that? Well my lovelies keep well until we all meet again (which is only the day after tomorrow lol but will seem strange without the gang!!!) Pat xx

Ah yes… read the top ‘sticky’ for explanation from Stewart. Pat xx

Stay cool and take care, see you after Thursday.

Good job you spotted it Nina, thanks.

Pam x

Well done to both of you, I never spotted the post and imagine the despair when I couldn’t sign in!! I think the new site will take some getting used to, but we’re all very good at adapting aren’t we? Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Cath xx

Oh dear Pat , the Like button you fought so hard for in the past has vanished :frowning:

Hope everyone is ok.

Nina x

The avatars aren’t there on my ipad. Need to look at my profile page.

Sorry just found this re: avatars

It looks as though we’ve lost the link at the bottom of the page which takes you back to the ppms forum. Saves scrolling back up on a long thread.

I can’t make any sense of the edit button. It’s something which have got used to on other forums- the abiliy to post then edit what you’ve said when you remember what you meant to say. The chance to alter errors which you missed in the preview stage.

I tried to edit my previous post but nothing happened. Perhaps the mods have to check it out first?

Hello WOL I see you sorted your avatar I need to do a new one I saved the old one on a now defunct pooter and I thought I would do it today but you know how these things get put to one side now I am too knackered to give a damn I am only here cos I am bored. Heather has gone out to the kids they are camping locally and want her to take the extra stuff so they can get away early tomorrow.

Just eaten a ripe bannana because they say the yellow one are not ripe

I have got banna indegestion something reading the boards I would not suffer from, THEY LIED I am living proof they are wrong.

I just edited this I for got to sign it


WOL I have got a new avatar I am now a ghost buster I found it in my hard drive didnt I do well

Trying a bit of HTML to get links to work my blog used to show up as a link but it dont now hmmmm I am still not getting to terms with this new forum


I’m going to try to edit this post. If the following list of numbers, one to five, is incomplete you know I’ve failed:





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I give up.

Lordy it’s taken me forever to get on here. Had to change my password and was all very confusing!

Hope everyone has survived the Great Silence. I for one really missed the gang.

Very sorry to see the LIKE button is gone… would have LIKED all the posts above.

Love to all,

Pat x YAY I can use smilies!!!

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