Hiya everyone,

Although there are still problems to be ironed out, looks like we are up and running again…yippee-doo.

Hope you all find it easier to access the forum than. I did…what a nightmare.

Missed talking to all my buddies.

Pam x

Hi, it has also taken me a long time to log in. Hope everyone is alright, - it has been frustrating not communicating.

Nice to be back - missed you all.

Jackie x

Hi Jackie

I was going to “like” your post, but I can’t find the “like button”, sorry.

Glad to be back though.

Pam x

I missed our chats too. And it was a nightmare signing in. Never mind, we’re all obviously back up and running again I also realised that we don’t have a Like button anymore which is quite sad considering we were all just getting so good at using it. Take care

Cath xx

Yahhh like everyone else I had a nightmare logging on but it’s back and I hope everyone is OK. I didn’t get up till after four this afternoon and I was asleep virtually all the time New smilies ehh soon be having to pay for all this new stuff. Send cheques payable to me in unmarked envelopes oh Damn it just send me the cash I can’t get to the bank to pay cheques in anymore

I keep forgetting I have got MS and can’t drive or walk anymore.

I am gonna try sleeping now so nite notes everyone

There’s some weird stuff going on, but nice to be back.