I'm back!

After being locked out of my old account due to me supposedly forgetting my password, I requested an email reminder but nothing came. I tried this a few times but still got nothing! I emailed them and got no reply so I’ve taken matters into my own hands and made a new account with an email address I usually use for spam stuff. This way I’ve managed to correct the typo in my original username!

I know I don’t post very often but I do read every day and with my forgetful mind it’s useful to know which posts are new which you only get told if you can log on!

Anyway, I’m back and will look forard to reading what people are up to again!

Sarah x

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Welcome back Sarah.

I have had to re register twice over the last couple of weeks! Crazy thing is each time I used the exact same details as I always use!

take care,

Nina x


Welcome back Sarah!!!

Always lovely to see you on here.

Pat xx


Sarah I just had to change my password to log on the board and website have had lots of issues over the last few weeks



Hi Sarah; I’m not up to great deal different from before. Just looking for a new job, which is pretty tough. Lot of MS related stuff to deal with in connection to this, which I might post about soon. Physically just the same, although left hand getting weaker. Mentally, a bit bored which is why I need a new job…! Hope things are well with you and yours. CP.


Welcome back Sarah, hopefully the gremlins have been sorted out now.

Pam x

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Welcome back

Sonia x

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Hi Sarah, good to meet you. Glad you negotiated the perils of the forum upgrade!

Kev x

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