Returning Member.

Hi Guys, it’s been approx 5yrs since I was last in the group i recognise some of your names. I was polly pocket back then.

I’ve been using a couple of the Facebook groups, one is very American, the other serves all forms of ms and has got too big for me. So hey ho I’m back.

Hope your all keeping as well as you can be.

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Glad to see you back on our forum, i remember your username of Polly Pocket.

Pam x

Hello PP. You’re always welcome. This may not be hip and happening but for us, it’s a little lifeline.


Popping in is good. You wont escape MS unfortunately. We’re all in it together.

Good to see you’re back. It’s a crazy old world.

Welcome back. Xx

Welcome back Polly. It’s nice to hear from you. I also tried another group but got lost with it and I’m glad to be back

Cath x

Thanks Guys, got to get the hang of this system again, I did reply not sure it posted, if it did my apologies.

I remember all of you, x

Just returned after 8 years, not quite got the hang of it yet