I've returned with a new passenger!

Good evening all,

I know I have been gone for a while, I had been really struggling and it was thought my MS was deteriorating at a fast rate, this of course was not going down very well with me. However my GP kinda asked me to keep coming to see her, she eventually ran tests and they have found out i am not only blessed with PPMS but also with Hashimotos disease, and I’m now waiting to go in to get a lump removed from my thyroid too which is also there which they found in the scan for the Hashimotos.

​However I’m mentally feeling much better, and I’m so so so looking forward to catching up with you all again.

Love and huggles to you all mwoah xxxx

Polly xxx

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Hi Polly

Welcome back, sorry to hear about your “passenger” hopefully that will be sorted soon for you, as if ppms isn’t enough!

Sending you ((((hugs)))) don’t forget if you need to rant or anything, we are all here to try and help.

Take care

Pam x

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Oh Polly you have been in the wars!!!

Hope it’s all treated quickly and successfully!!!

Never forget we are all here for you.

Sending ((((hugs))))

Pat xx

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Thank you so much, I have to admit I had suffered from depression and found it difficult to put into words, but I’m definitely back to myself, just with a bit more to deal with lol! :wink:

apparently with Hashimotos being auto immune it’s not uncommon to get something alongside the MS, but I’m just unlucky it’s been sever, way hey. Saves someone else having it.

I will definitely keep you all up to date with the latest and updates, and look forward to being much more vocal again.

polly xxx


I just googled it Polly. You were lucky to get the dx as symptoms could all be put down to MS! (Although the word ‘lucky’ doesn’t seem at all appropriate here).

Looking forward to see you much more often on here!

Pat xx

Thank you darlin! I know that’s why I’ve suffered for so long! The pain and the problems were getting so much worse and nothing was working! I was getting no where! I just felt like giving up I’m sorry to admit. It felt like no one was listening or believing me, and I can only thank my GP for having the foresight to think of my thyroid, and it was just a couple of flippant comments that made her prompt to test for the thyroid.

Ive never been more glad, even if I have a lump in my throat ( actual lump not figuratively) lol and it’s being delt with. That’s what means a lot.

ive missed you all so much, I just felt it was too much to tell you all, but now I know, now I know I’ve got my friends <3

love Polly xxxxx

Hugs sent to you Polly, wondered where you’d gone! Hope your spirits continue to lift , and you get all the help possible.

Pauline xxx

I’ve only joined this forum recently, so you won’t remember me from before, but I am also wishing you all the very best, lots of support and care and a speedy recovery.

Polly sending hugs from Margate for you hope all goes well XXX Don

Keep smiling

Polly, it’s good to see you back, I’d wondered why you hadn’t been around. So sorry you’ve had such a nightmare but I hope now it’s been found it will soon be treated successfully and you’ll be back on track!

thinking of you, take care of yourself,

Nina x

Hi Polly to Polly!

I had to Google hashimotos, as I was fascinated by the word.

Poor you with this on top of ppms.

Take good care of yourself hun.


Hi Polly and welcome back. I hope you’re feeling better and all goes well with your tests. I vanished for a few months myself when life got tough, but it’s great to be back and I hope you feel as much benefit from returning as I’m doing. Take care, fingers crossed for you.

Cath xx