new forum

Everyone must be struggling to get on the forum, cos it is so quiet.

Admin can you please make it easier, I miss talking to my buddies on here.

Pam x

I keep getting logged off it’s very frustrating. I’m sure it will be resolved soon.

If it logs me off again after I’ve posted I’m going to get supper and go to bed, so I’ll say goodnight.


Jan x

Just realised if I go into Everyday Living I show as being logged off everywhere else I’m logged in !!

I’ve just got back in but am a bit confused. I’m away from home and must have misremembered my password, requested new password. I was given a one time only link to renew it. It spat my new one out- but I seem to be in anyway, though won’t be sure til I see this post go up.


ps hot enough for you all?

I used my Kindle as usual and it wouldn’t accept my password, got sent a link to my email to log in but that demanded and refused my password too. Was very frustrating and I had visions of having to give this forum up. I miss the “like” button too, it’s one I used frequently instead of replying to every post I did like. I suppose we’ll all just have to get used to this layout but I’m not yet a fan.



This is the first time I’ve managed to get on since Wednesday. Initially it refused my password then sent me a link where I needed to use the unrecognised password to change it! I see the like tab has disappeared too. Why? If it ain’t broke… Sigh! Nevertheless I hope everyone is well and managing the heat! Best wishes, Steve.

Me too its been a nightmare and now I wrote a post and had 134 TOPIC I could choose from by the time I had scrolled down I had given up the will to live. If its like that on my Kindle or anyone with a phone they will just give up. I am not pleased and the forum is just as slow. I am on fibre broadband and this is the slowest site on the internet. rant over


Glad it wasn’t only me! I loved it before…change is not good for those of us with rapidly shrinking brains! Never the less its good to see you all.

Nina x