Is there anyone there said the traveller...

Every time they change this forum setup it drives me mad We can get to grips withs this, hey we have paragraphs!

See I told you ‘paragraphs’. Apparently I had forgotten my password so I thought I’ll admit to the probem AND it asked me my previous password so that I could get a new one

Any way guys welcome to the new setup. M

Hello M,

I had the same thing but now I’m on! Even the slightest of oversights can have global consequences. It may not seem a big thing but this forum makes such a difference to those who use it. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi M

I had the same thing, in fact I nearly gave up in frustration, but like Steve said, this forum is like a lifeline, with buddies who REALLY do understand.

Hope all is better for you.

Pam x

Wots a parrots Graph I asked?

I dont mind it now but it needs some tweeking


Had the same problem too M, said my pass word was wrong so just set it up again using the same one!

All seems very weird at the moment but I imagine we will all soon get used to it!

Nice to " see " you all again.

Love to all,

Nina x

Had the same problem… hey M remember when we went over to the new forum before… was madness and we lost some good people who just gave up… hopefully this transition will be easier.

I’ve got smilies again…

Doesn’t take much to make this girl happy…

Pat xx

I would have pressed the LIKE button for that one NIna… will give you a smily instead…

Pat xx

I had to reset my password again But it’s lovely to be back, take care guys and be safe M