what's happening


Is it just me or has everyone lost all the up to date posts?

Sorry to moan, but I don’t like this new set up.

Pam x

Cath says the same, but no problems with that here so far, Pam.

Plenty of other frustrating problems here, but not that one. From dipping into quite a lot of the ‘the new forum doesn’t work’ threads, I reckon everyone has a different set of issues. It’s a mess.

Kev x

All will come right in the end Pam. They’ll get it sorted. Lots of bugs at present… but hang on in there… don’t leave us PLEASE!!!

We went through this once before… it gets sorted eventually and you will get used to new set-up.

Hope you’re doing ok. As if we haven’t got enough to worry about eh?

Love Pat xx

Is glad to see its not me just having a ‘blonde’ moment!!

Welcome back Pat, was worried about you.

Pam x

Couldn’t get on till this morning Pam. Kept saying my password was wrong. In the end I had to change password. I’m sure there’s still some poor people out there who can’t get on.

All I can manage today Pam is to lie on bed… very severe pain in Gluteum Maximus (and my Gluteum is very Maximus!!!). I’ve had it before. Should go in a few days. Hey ho…

Be glad when the site’s fixed!

Take care Pam and have good day,

Pat xx (those smilies were meant to be down here… grrrrrrr)

Just totally lost a post!!

Just wanted to say that the last few days has made me realise how great you all are and how much I missed you all!

As for the like button would you all please know that I like everything …except on those rare occaisions when we get a stranger having a go at us!!

love Nina x


Pat xx

Nina just wanted to say I lost half a post and a trick I use on the blog is I write out my post in word first and then copy and paste its a surefire way of not loosing a long post.