OLDIE logged out cant get back so changed profile.

Couldnt get back in for someone even. OLDIE CRAZY CHICK. just read they have had changes again so assume it could be down to that.

Oh the joys.
have a good day.

Nice to see you back CC even with a new name.

Hope you are doing ok.

Pam x

Hi Pam i remember you from a while back when this site was a good one,when we all used to have a laugh and a chat,no one comes on anymore sadly. I remember you and snow leopard,Crazy chic, Boudicea,Nina who i know sadly passed away a few year ago also quite a few others,steve snore too bless him. I miss those days xx

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yes i got back in no idea what happened. Yes we did have fun didnt we, this seems so complicated now. i am sorry to hear Nina passed away, we had a few didnt we. xxx

Yes I remember all those names too and it’s sad now not to see them here.

This site was good then, we could always have a laugh, a chat or a moan, but it’s changed now unfortunately.

Take care everyone

Pam x

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