old pals

Evening all!

I was just thinking about some names who seem to have disappeared and they were such good contibutors to our boards.

I`m thinking of Brog54, Greenhouse, den 7, Bellyboo, BridgetW, Tolley, Char21, Ladyinred,

Thats just some of em. i miss seeing their names.

luv Pollx

Belinda and Jean are still about. Belinda doesn’t post as much though. Haven’t seen the others :frowning:

Karen x

Cheers Karen. I did see Jeans post after Id sent mine.

luv Pollx


Yes, lots of old names missing. l did wonder if they had changed their usernames when we had to re-register.

Where’s Stanley - Crazy Onions? And Tavish re-appeared - then went again. l often think about him and his young son.

Good Job you are still here Polly.


Hello again Poll. yes there are a lot of people who I miss. Jennine being one of them. I loved the feel of the local pub, the drink and food options, service etc: and the Saturday morning question. Come back Jennie.

Annonymouse…where are you…

Katerine, how is your lovely voice…I miss uor little chats…

come back home everyone it has all settled down now so lets have a get together and party…

good to see



Rizzogs as always and thank you so much for all the wisdom you share.

and all the other oldies and of course newies.

And Poll…not to forget you…it is great you decided to stay. where would we be if your name went missing hey…

Big hugsand cwutches

xx Maria.