Not M.S,posters missing from the forum

I know a lot of people gave up on the new forum,and I wonder if anyone is in touch with them off board or knows how they are?

I’m terrible with user names but remember a few,and I haven’t seen a post from Hayley ( amu ) for ages and I know she was posting here. Also Jennie,Tipsy,Christopher 11…many more…sorry I can’t remember the names,does any one know if they likely to come back?

I hope so,take care all,xxjo


I recognise your username

I am in contact with some-Hazelwah, Tavish, Sadaya, Scotshippy (amongst others) but those friendships have been built up over the past 4/5 years so I have email/phone numbers for them and so dont just have contact via here.

I do know why some arent here but mainly due to changes in their own personal circumstances…

Ellie xxx

Hi Ellie, they are user names I know,I hope they are well,or at least as well as they can be.

I want them to come back ( stamps foot )not being nosey really,but just wonder about people and keep hoping more people will join in here again.

It’s good to hear from you,hope you’re well,keep posting !,xxjo

Hi Broushka,

I’m new to this site, never needed to use former site as only recently been dx. Hope you are well.


Hi Janet,good to hear from you. I hope you’re finding the site useful,I’ve always got a lot out of being here,take carexxjo