Is everyone in?

Hi all

How’s it going?

Most of the familiar names seem to now be registered and accessing the system.

We’ve been trying to get hold of anyone who’s had problems accessing the new forums to give them some support with any techy issues.

However, If you know of someone who still can’t get in we’re more than happy to help if people email us at

Greg [admin]

I cant log in on my iPhone, although laptop and iPad are fine. I can look at the site on my iPhone but can’t log in to post a reply. Cheryl:)

I don’t think I’ve seen Chas111 or Alicetinker since we made the move.

I’m sorry if that seems a bit random: I’m sure there are many other familiar names missing as well, but those are two that just sprang to mind.

I guess you can’t investigate individually everyone that anyone thinks is missing… :frowning:

Just wondered if they are here and lurking, or anyone else has seen them.