Anyone heard from Polly?

I have not seen any posts on the forum for a while now from Poll,i hope shes ok,is anyone in touch with her?

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Hello MrsJ, I have also been wondering how Poll is. I believe that SSue still coresponds with Poll so I will make this my first port of call. Moira

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I miss Poll’s posts too. Hope she’s keeping well and still being as positive as she always is.


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Poll decided to leave the forum, initially it was for a while, but she did end her forum membership completely a bit later.

I’m not really in touch with her, but if I hear, I will let you all know how she’s doing.


Thanks for that Sue,she was always a big part of the forum,hope shes doing ok. J x

The lovely Poll will have her reasons, sometimes the slightest thing gets too much.

Every so often I think, hmmm… not seen Shelly for ages, then find she’s posted but I just didn’t see her posts. I miss Pat a lot (she was my first contact when I posted). Pat posted a while ago, she’s enjoying life on Biotin & helping people in her area.

This lovely forum is great, I hope Poll comes back when she’s ready.

Love to all Chris x