Ive returned

Hi, I used to come on many years ago not long after i was diagnosed MS …2001…thought it would be a good idea to come back see if i can find any old friends or new ones…Doglover was one i used to know but memory is so bad now cant remember any more …i live in South Wales …born in scotland…

Hi, welcome back!

I’m Jackie :slight_smile: I only joined here last year, I’m from Bournemouth originally but have been living in Lincolnshire for most of my life, and what a wet and miserable Lincolnshire it is today, yuk!

Hi, I used to go by the name MS43…changed it to Boudica about 2 yrs ago. Been a member here for around…oh I dunno! A few years!

A lot of the oldies have gone, but some you may reca who are still here are;

spacejacket…used to be Campion

Snow Leopard…used to be PatB

Dr geoff


Anitra recently left us, after a silly thread …she`s much missed

there will be others who escape me jut now.

We`re all suffering with poor memories, eh?

Nice to see you back.

luv Pollxx

Hi, Jackie…yes very windy here things blowing around wont be going out…we live 1350ft asl…semi rural…

Hi,Poll think i remember you…and gggood PatB…we dont have MS centres to go to here …just get on with it myself…so forums are good for info was the best thing i did when i was first dx…was a good laugh and lots of drama years ago on here sort of changed when the format was made different not so cosy…

Hi I am Polly and live on the isle on the Wight and have been diagnosed since August last year with ppms. Welcome back though and I have only been a member for about 2 months

Polly x

Hi Polly…isle of wight sounds nice never been …but David Icke lives there …and i have been following him since i was about 20yrs…old…his books and thruths etc…

I have lived here for 2 years and it is lovely but have never seen David Icke. Lol

I just watched a you tube video of where he lives as people think hes got a mansion drives a bentley etc…its a flat in a block …and its small but he said he doesnt need a big house …for what hes dedicated his life to…

hi celtic girl

i think i remember you.

i used to be Carole58 but got locked out of my account so had to make a new user name.

all these passwords and user names are hard work when the ms brain plays up.

good to see you again

carole x

Hi do you remember me I think i was MTurner way back then, and i remember dog lover. I have finally been diagnosed after 10 years. Not sure if you remember me, but i am sure I remember your name. xx When they changed to this new format i lost all my old long ins, and decided not to bother coming back on, but then i got diagnosed and thought why not lol…

I remember you. x

Hello, I’m Flo. I joined a few weeks ago and it is lively to meet you on here!

Hi Flo…this was one of the better forums i had tried over the years…then i didnt bother had family things to sort out my youngest had been dx with aspergers and i was going on the autistic forums instead…

Hi, Yes your name sounds familiar…i actually met Doglover …i lovve spiritual stuff etc and she lived in somerset and we met up at The Skirrid Inn …just outside abergavenny …for a ghost hunt in the Inn stayed their all night had place to ourselves with others and it was scary but interesting as well …alot of people had been hung there you can see the rope and slab …then we visited local cemetary after midnight to visit fannys grave …she had something to do with the Inn …hello …i went off track this happens to me …

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Yes i think i remember you…i was Baby Ben…in the beginning around 2001 …my first grandsons name…was good site then …for info helped me alot…

I’m still here… And no change of name! Lovely to see you back again

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Hi Val…you know i was trying hard to remember your name …nice to be back…

i remember doglover too,was her name jools ? i have been on here nearly 10 years and seen a lot of changes.welcome back.

J x

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i am neil14. I have always been neil14 since I joined in 2003. I am not a regular visitor as still trying to work despite this blnkin’ SPMS. Welcome back.