I haven’t visited this Forum for a couple of years now. Can anyone say whether Boudica still posts? Hope everyone is as well as they can be. Linda

Hello Linda

Poll (Boudica) decided to stop using this forum a while back. As you probably know, she’d been diagnosed with PPMS, then after 10 or so years that diagnosis was changed. She stayed on this site for a few years, but ultimately decided to leave.

I hope she’s doing well, she’s still missed by many of us.


Thanks Sue I remember you, you’ve been using the site for a good few years and its a shame about Poll, hope she’s doing OK. Hope you’re good to. I’ve stopped visiting too because I’m too far gone now for any advice.A supapubic catherer, totally wheelchair bound, carers three times a day, in bed by 7.00pm. Coping but sorry to say MS gets you in the end! Linda

Hi Linda,

Nice to hear you’re still about. Think all of us long standing members (not old!) miss Poll. She always brought a smile to our faces telling us about her adventures.

Sorry you’re not doing so well but do keep popping in, you’ve got knowledge and advice you can pass on.


Thanks Jen, maybe I can carry on where Poll left off!

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MS is a rotten beast. It takes our strength, our mobility, independence and so much more.

I’m sorry you’re feeling too battered to need advice, but Jen is right. After years of living with MS, it’s sometimes all we can do, to try to help others who are new to the disease.

Or maybe just popping in now and then to socialise with people who know what it’s like to live with the MonSter!

Nice to see you again Linda.


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