An 'oldie' returns

Hi all

I used to come on the message boards around the time I was diagnosed about 8 years ago, but life took over and I haven’t been around since. My user name was ‘naomik’ and I think that i’d not long had my daughter (5years ago), before things started to keep me pretty busy.

I also used to arrange a meet up for young people in N Wales/Chester/North West, but this kind of fell by the wayside. I am now a support officer for my local MS Society branch and we have only recently set up a young person’s (below 50, although no one would be turned away), get together on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. It’s trying to get the word out that this actually goes on that prompted me to start thinking about the message boards here.

I help to deliver an MS/MND course with an MS Society member of staff for our local council. It hopefully helps to increase peoples awareness of the conditions, and gives them a chance to ask any questions of my experience with MS. The course is attended by PA’s/Carers, Social Workers and any one who could potentially benefit from it.

So ‘hello’ again, it’s nice to be back, i’ll have to have a nosey around the boards, i’m sure I have a lot to catch up on.

I am 37, am married and have a 5 and a half (that half is VERY important apparently) year old little girl Kya. I have aggressive RRMS, which docs are unsure has moved on to SP or not because I had Mitox/Copaxone and then Campath and haven’t relapsed since. They are not sure if this is because the treatment has worked in holding off on progression or if I am now SP. I am a full time wheelchair user and have been for almost 6 years, although this is more because of breaking my ankle when I was heavily pregnant and a series of events, which combined with the MS kept me in the chair.

I am in receipt of a personal budget that Wales have an alliance for as we are trying to introduce it across every county (it is called Citizen Directed Support in Wales, but Self Directed Support in England), I am part of an 18 person alliance that deals with the Government and liaises with them in an effort to do this.

As you can see I keep myself pretty busy, I had to take ill health retirement from work, but I try to do bits here and there that I can.

Anyway i’ll stop waffling now!


Hi Naomi

I do remember you from the old boards.

Welcome back, it is good to hear your news. I remember your little girl being born.

Anne x


and so do i-helloooooooooooooo

ellie x

Hi, i remember you, i remember you having your it really 51/2 years ago,how time flies, so pleased that your treatment seems to have stopped the relapses too.welcome back.

jaki xx

I’m too new to remember you but welcome back.

Seems to me its a good job you have retired to do all you are doing.

It also shows to people faced with the thought of —being put out to pasture as it were—I can say that because it happened to me Oct 2012, that it isn’t the end of the road.Its the beginning of a new one,and one that allows you to try new things and that being a wheelie doesn’t stop you if its what you want.

In Oct I didn’t feel like that,but I have an appt next week to see about voluntary work.Onwards and upwards.


Hello again Naomi,I don’t know what day it is but I do remember the things you were up to.The more the merrier on here,'spose it’s like an ‘elastic life boat’.Looks like you’re very busy, doing important work.I really admire your use of a mini CV to get it all out in the open…Bravo…Maybe others will get the idea.

As for the uncertainty over your Label,THEY love to try and categorize us,and I didn’t get Mitox and Copaxone until Walton bumped me up to Secondary. Do I hear the moving of goal posts again?

Welcome back,


Hi All

Thanks for your lovely replies! It’s great to hear from you all.

It’s nice to be back, and yes it’s scary how fast my little girl has grown up - she’s 5 going on 15 (ooh the attitude, I wasn’t expecting this for a few years yet)

Ok, i’m off to browse around the board.


Naomi Wait until she gets to 15 you’ll definatley know she has attitude then lol

God help me!!

Hi Naomi, I too remember you from the old boards. Welcome back, although i don’t post very often these days either. Wow, you really have been busy and with a 5 (and a half) year old to look after. Well done on all that. Doesn’t time fly?

Best wishes to you

Love Dawn x

Welcome! How on earth could Kya have got to 5½? I’m sure it was only a minute ago that you were expecting and we had all the excitement of her being born (and you certainly had some excitement).

Good to hear you’re doing OK

Lolli xx

Hello Naomi ,

Wow, you’ve been busy, I can hardly believe Kya is 5½ already !!!

I even came to one of the meetings (wasn’t for young people though) but turned 50 in the last few days so am now well over the hill for your ‘young people’ meet ups !!!

Great to hear your news!


Hi, I see you have been well remembered by older users of this forum.

I joined after you had left, so didnt know you. But its lovely to see you back.

isn`t it nice how so many also remember the birth your little girl?

Wow, you do keep yourself busy, with much needed work to help MSers.

Look forward to reading more posts from you.

luv Pollx

aww some lovely replies, it’s lovely to see i’m remembered (and my ‘little’ girl).

Anu, I remember meeting you and your hubby, hope you’re both well, I think I left the board not long after you had lost your Mum. I hope you are managing ok hun.


That’s right - we lost our mums within months of each other didn’t we?

Yes, time moves on with or without us doesn’t it !

I moved to the very young Dr Pomeroy when Mike left the Walton Centre (I remember we also shared a consultant!).

Hope you and yours are doing well


Yeah we did, time does move on but we still have our memories eh?

I was SO upset when Mike went, what a loss eh? I’ve not heard of Dr Pomeroy, what’s he like? I have Dr Wilson (seeing him tomorrow actually). We’re all well thanks, hope you and yours are too :slight_smile: