Where is everybody?!

I know we still haven’t gotten back some of the oldies who got lost during the changeover to the new forum, but where is everyone else? We’re getting new people, which is great, but I’m not seeing too many posts from the older ones.

I miss you guys! You’re my primary social life. Mick, we need some new photos. Someone needs to tell a joke. Who can start a game?

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Wasn’t around that often with the other board but this change is just…ew. Tailored to SMART devices. Fine if thats what someone is using but if you have a computer it’s … Didn’t think censoring myself would be wise there.

1/3 of the screen is the forum the other 2/3 is wasted space either side. Not only it is poor screen usage it requires, minimal, scrolling to read stuff that could be easily seen and read with 0 scrolling.

There are ways to tailor things depending on a users device/screen resolution. That’s not done.

So much extra stuff splattered around I don’t even bother looking or clicking anything. I’m glad it has a dark mode and that they fixed the OT having a white background while rest went dark though I still feel the top[ title bar with logo,links phone number should also go dark. Little thing but when the rest is set to dark white title bar is just out of place.

I used to read and make the odd comment,. Now I may read 1-2 comments/threads, not comment and may not be back for days or even weeks.

I also don’t like the suggested topics at the bottom. Sorry that just makes me feel that I’m being spiedon and profiled. If I liked that sort of stuff I’d use Social Media.

On that note time to find something else to do…

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Oh, I quite agree, Bongo! This new site was made by kids for kids, with no regard for anyone else.

I just miss the combination of posts that we used to get – health, humor, family, work, travel, hobbies. There was a lot of laughter. Every day there were multiple people contributing their thoughts, and now…there’s just nothing. I’d come to depend on this site, checking in at least twice a day, and it’s become mostly a waste of time.

I also hope that the absent people are absent by choice and not through illness, although I know that some still aren’t able to sign on, even with new names.

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I think that the conversational flow from the “old” site is not possible so people either change how they use the site and modify expectations or move on to other sites. I miss the conversational stuff which made me smile & laugh a lot, but I think that the site managers have tried to update & refresh and incorporate feedback from users. They have added functionality and features that had been asked for. It must be extremely difficult to cater for the technology and the multiple requirements of all the users.
A couple of snaps as requested :grinning:



Nice cows. Or are they subbing for missing forum members?

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We share a similar intellect and conversational skills !

Moo :cow2:

Took me a minute to realize Mick was in the picture, too.

Mick, are you inferring that I’m crabby and uncooperative? I am, just to be straight about it.

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As an ugly ex-photographer, I loathe having my picture taken, but I love to share our stunning environment.

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I am highly qualified as crabby & uncooperative, I have been practicing for years !

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I personally take the description ‘crabby and uncooperative’ to be a positive accolade. I aspire to it and admire those of you who have achieved it.


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I have a PhD in being a grumpy old Git, but keep it quiet.

Shhhh. I won’t tell a soul.

S :shushing_face: x

I’m still here but just get frustrated and read and not reply.
If you click on four lines top right, then everyday living, which is the forum I used to read and comment on.
The first post that comes up is from 2015!!

Not as easy to follow threads.
I’ll keep trying as I miss the banter too. :smiley:

Take care


I wasn’t on the old site. But I have to agree with you, it must be difficult to appease us all.Everyone has different needs medically on sites as well as personal preference. However it does sound like the old site had more people to gain or give strength too. Hopefully us newbies can bring some love to you all.
Love the pictures you added.Talk soon .

we decided to visit our local cheese/charcuterie/gin/wine bistro. Had a lovely meal & drink.

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Oh, Mick, that looks amazing! i wish we had something like that around here.

We need to try that at Christmas. It’s always a hectic day, with everybody needing to be a dozen other places, and no one feels like cooking a formal dinner a month after our Thanksgiving. So much easier if we’d just set out nibbles.

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Thank you, Coco! You’re well on your way.

See, Mick! She likes your photos, too! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My feeling is that this forum is for people with MS. Since we’re so much more than just our pains and our meds, I like to see and/or hear about the travels, the fun, the everyday activities in addition to offering advice and support.


Muuuu in Spanish… Bonitas vacas Mick, Nice cows!!