Where is everybody?!

Oh Mick, you had to do that didn’t you!! Lovely food. Now I want that.


Sorry Sue, too good not to share. :wink:

Swine :pig2: x


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Some photos, hope you like them x

Are those Highland cows?

Yes they are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beautiful photos! I’ve always thought the Highland cows are the prettiest ones there are. Around here, we mostly just have Holsteins, and they’re not the least impressive.

And you’ve just reminded me – I need to nag my daughter to take me to the city zoo. Haven’t been there since the kids were little, and it’s improved a lot since then from what I’ve heard.

Busted … again

I just had another dose of the old Brainfog thread, where you went to India, hated the flight but had a good time until Mr Sue was unwell. Meanwhile Tracey & Carole were sticking pins in Voodoo dolls and AD was assessing locations for the Durer nation. I can not stop giggling. I know it brings bittersweet memories but sometimes it is good to remember the good bits. Cheers M

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I do miss it so much. Miss him too much. Miss all of my foggy family. TDC (& Fezbomb), CWC, FB, you…

Moments of pure joy! Utter lunacy & mayhem.

Ssssue x

Anyway, I’m shortly to be going on a short Stay/Seacation cruise. Sadly I think our cabin is on the wrong side of the :ship: to see the IOD while drinking gin on the balcony. Might have to go to a bar instead!!

S x


have a brilliant time