Where is Everyone

Is it me or do the boards feel as if they have gone into slow motion?

All the boards have been really slow, especially this board.

Hope everyone ok.

Shazzie xx

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m in the middle (or hopefully near the end) of a relapse, spent a lot of time sleeping the last few days x

I get what you are saying. I am wondering whether a lot of us have been poorly with relapses or other.

As you know, I haven’t been too good either.

Hope you feel better soon.

Shazzie xx

Boudica`s back after a few days off.

My name is appearing lots again…

got a doozy of a post coming soon…


Oh Poll

Where have you been?

Been like a ghost town on here!!

Look forward to reading your next post.

Shazzie xx

Hi guys, I’ve been feeling a bit grim too - wonder if it’s the weather? This warm one minute, cold the next is messing something rotten with my defective inner temperature gauge so fatigue is on the rampage! Gone back to bed and think I’ll write off the rest of the day there in the hope of rousing myself for Strictly come dancing! Hope everyone feels better soon xx

Awww Stans Mum. See, I knew something was up.

Like you, my temperature gauge is terrible and like you say the weather is all over the place which doesn’t help.

Anyone else been suffering?

Shazzie xx

Awww Jen.

You take care and offload wjemever you feel like it!!

Shazzie xx

I was in Luton - playing.

I went to see my little niece and she took me to nursery to see the guinea pigs and we went shopping and bought LOTS of stuff in the pound shop including holographic Princess stickers which were just amazing. She went to a wee party and brought me back a chocolate cupcake - but told me we had to share it!!!

Now I’m back for a few days until friday when I fly back to Norn Iron for a well earned rest.

JBK xx

Hi I’m back too. Not posted on here for over a year as lost my password and didn’t realise it was so easy to get a new one! I was prompted into action as I have been reading the boards but not participating and wanted to be part of the ‘gang’. Have a good day all.


Oh JBK. I am so glad you are back. It has been so quiet. I was worried everyone had a abducted by aliens!!! Why did they leave me behind?? That’s what I want to know. Hehehehe!!

Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Shazzie xx

Glad you are back Helen!! And welcome back to the “gang”! or the Mad House as I like to call it sometimes!! No offence intended, just seems apt a lot of the time!!

Speak soon

Shazzie xx

I’ve been in Spain for a few days, lucky me.

Came back to a dissapointing letter from my neurologist and now feel that I am relegated to the “new diagnosis and before diagnosis” pages…again.

Anyway, I did have a sneak peek at the forum while I was in Spain though, just to see how everybody was doing.

All, I know I’m new around here, but I can tell you I’m slowing down due to work and the fatigue is biting me in the butt Greg

I wonder why a lot of us are suffering so much at the moment.

Hope you pick up soon Greg.

Shazzie x