Forum Seems Quiet

Hiya everyone

Is it me or does anyone else think the forum has gone very quiet over the past month or so?

Hope you are all doing as well as you can be.

Shazzie x

Hi, I havent been on quite as much but still look in when I can.

luv Polx

there are a few regulars who dont post so much…time of year…folk could be fed up…me too sometimes…struggling more of late.

Oh Poll. Nice to hear from you.

I bet this is a difficult time for you and your family, especially losing your sis in law. Hope things get better for you soon.

You take care of yourself hun.

Shazzie xx

Yeah it’s been quieter just the same posters all the time. X

Thanks Shaz!


That’s what I was thinking Em.

Where is everyone???

Shazzie xx

sorry to hear you are a bit down at the moment Poll,its not like you to be down, hope you get back to your cheerful self very soon.

J x

I’m still here - just like the bad penny. I think part of the problem (with me anyway) is there is much a long time between christmas and Easter this year so its taken a long time to have something to look forward to. Now there is a bit of a stretch to the evenings people should cheer up a bit.

Lots of hugs for you Poll. We all have our off days but hopefully yours will finish soon

JBK xxx

I feel very tested lately…everything seems harder to do…breaking stuff at home…gravity is a huge enemy too…being re-assessed for more care on Tuesday. Memories of last one arent good.


Thanks JBK…folk like you and others here keep me going…


Might be unrelated, but I find the site is unreachable about half the time I try to access it. Because I’m a regular, I’ve learnt it will probably be back again if I wait a few minutes, but I wonder how many people haven’t got that much patience, and just give up?

MS doesn’t lend itself to trying things over and over, does it? There must be posters both old and new, who think: “Oh s*d it, then!”


I got a new contract which involves the M25 in our commute so our working days have gotten a bit longer! But I still visit most days

Hope you’re well Shazzie

Sonia xx

I’ve been timing out quite often trying to get on the site, and, having less time now I have returned to work, just given up. But I had good news today, the DVLA confirmed they are giving me a 3 year licence :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Well Im pretty new, but I love being on those forum already, even though its a bit slow at uploading. I agree it could be that people are too busy and fed up of waiting for the web to function properly. I hope this doesn’t continue, cos you are all so friendly, comforting and helpful. Thank you . I’d be lost with out you now.

I’ve been retired on medical grounds for over 6 years ( I’m 43). I’m hoping to keep posting, as I hav the spare time to perhaps help too. I’ve noticed there’s a few new members popping up, so hopefully the numbers are increasing. Its always been known that Jan into spring always slows everyone down. We’re still in hibernation mode I expect.

Hope you are all OK out there.

Poll, SorryTo hear you are struggling, seems a shame as you are one of the most famous helpful positive members on this forum. I’m sending over a big warm hug for you. Good luck with the care assessment, I’m sure it won’t be as bad as last time. Its time to get yourself a nice hot toddy or similar and pamper yourself. You deserve it. Xxx

And pudding lover, congrats on returning to work and the Dvla. Its great to see you are doing well. .Good luck.

Message to polar bear … I never knew polar bears could catch colds …

I’m doing ok thanks Sonia.

All the usual stuff that we all seem to suffer with but I am doing ok. Hope you are ok too.

Shazzie xx

Hi folks, hope everyone is ok. I do have a quick look, but not as much as I maybe used to and dont post as much as i used to. I’ve just been busy with so many things going on with all the things my children get up to. Honestly, they have a far better social life than me! Cheryl:-)

I’ve been working hard to make up some hours I had outstanding at work. Downside I pushed myself too hard and went to clinic on Tuesday to find I had a uti more antibiotics. I was trying to think to be positive but its just not there. Life seems like a real struggle currently. I try to be happy and upbeat with people. But I’m not happy at all with life. Let’s hope for better times from tomorrow :relaxed: Sending everyone big hugs Barney

Oh Barney

You sound a bit low for you too. A lot of us regulars seem to be down at the moment.

Sending you big hugs and I hope your uti clears up soon.

Take care of yourself Barney and and rest up luv.

(((( hugs))))

Shazzie - if you are handing out hugs - can I get some. After 9 on a friday and I am still at work. I should have finished at 4:30

Too much work & too little of me (and it ain’t often I get to say that at least til I get the diet started)

JBK xx

Oh JBK That is terrible sweets.

Of course I will send you ((((big hugs)))).

If I were you I would push the fire alarm and escape. Lol!!

Here are some nice choccies too. Make sure you don’t get it all round your chops!!

Hope you get to leave soon.

Shazzie xxx