Missing Fun Threads

I know they are not allowed now on the forum but I am missing the fun threads so much.

Also, where have all the old timers gone? There are lots of forum members that seem to have disappeared and I for one think this is very sad.

I am sorry Stewart and the other mods but I am feeling that the forum is having an adverse effect on my MS and instead of helping me through the bad days that MS brings it is actually bringing me down and I get a very low feeling now whenever I log on.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Shazzie xx

Aww Shazzie

I am sorry logging on to the forum is making you feel more low I know what you mean though…starting to feel the same way

A little bird did tell me at some point, looking at a thread that allowed us to share the lighter side of life would be considered. I do hope we haven’t been forgotten about.

Gee, I would be happy to moderate it myself. In the meantime I shall think of something to cheer you up



Thanks Noreen.

I used to log on on my bad days to ask for advice and read the lighter threads that used to offer me some cheer. Now I find I am keeping away on those bad days as it makes me feel worse.

I only log on on good days now in case I can offer help to those asking for help and advice.

I look forward to a cheerier thread from the Noreen.

And thanks for the hugs xxx

Still thinking Shazzie…just stuffing my face with cheese and crackers ​

Can’t do funny faces on my tablet but think cheeky!!


Hi, yeh I bet a lot of folk are also missing the lighter threads.

I think new readers will expect to find help and support from us older members. We offer that whenever we can. Then some of us regale everyone with our stories of what’s happened on a regular event, which has a humerous side to it.

I have often been told that my wit and explanation of something, has amused them.Its always great to find a funny side when things go wrong.

The things that are filling me with joy at the moment, are playing with my new puppy and watching her with amazement, as she sticks her little black nose into everything…not always with a good outcome!

Luv Pollxx

Poll, you will have to figure out how to share a pic of cute little Sophie.

Tell me a story about her, I miss my beautiful Ben and the antics he got up to.

I have a lovely pic somewhere of our Ben laid on his side outside the local pub…he was always dragging my husband in there Lol. There is a friends little boy-only a toddler at the time, sat snuggled him to him playing…children loved him.


I’m really sorry Bloss, I am so thick at this techno stuff! I can’t put a piccy on.

Had a scare with Sophie t’other night.

You know how dogs like to protect us! Well Sophie likes to lie on my neck and head for sleep. I have a profiling bed and she slipped down the back. She made no noise and I yelled for hubby to come quickly!

There was no noise from her …not a squeak! I was terrified for her and said, ‘She’s dead, isn’t she?,’ He couldn’t see her down the back. We both panicked! Then he saw her trying to come out by the rail side!

She was alarmed but OK!

Did I tell you what she weighs!..

2lbs 4oz!!

Love Pollxx

Oh my goodness Poll, that would have scared me too. They are so precious when little puppies.

Only 2Ib 4oz, that’s not even a bag of sugar


Oh Bless Poll.

You must have been so worried. Poor little Sophie. I bet she was wondering where you were.

My Charlie weighs 7 stone and he is still not fully grown. I can’t imagine him getting stuck anywhere. He’s like a tank. Lol!

Give little Sophie a kiss from me.

Shazzie xx

Hello Shazzie, if my moaning thread yesterday was one that brought you down, then I’m sorry. Just to let you know all good again up north and other peoples comments were greatly appreciated and a reality check was just what I needed yesterday, and in turn cheered me up.

so here’s hoping you can find some amusement and pick me up today…plums away

No No No. It wasn’t your thread at all.

I have needed to offload a number of times and I still do from time to time.

It’s the stopping of the happy threads that have brought me down not the threads that need a helping word. I am one of the first to offer help.

So glad you are feeling better hun. And yes, the plums have helped. Noreen’s threads are a good tonic.

Shazzie xx

Sophie has just disgraced herself!

Our daughter brought her daughter Emma to meet Sophie. Emma has just gone 13 and was showing me her new clothes from her birthday money.

I lifted Sophie up to giver her to Emma…

What a surprise…as I passed her to Emma she weed. Of course Emma jumped back and I got a wet leg!

Nice pollx

Did the new clothes survive?

Now we have sunny weather - yes l am already getting a tan. You will be able to sit outside with Sophie - and she can pee to her hearts content.

Last week l was dressed in thick coat/gloves/hat - now this last few days l am in the garden with just a strappy vest top. Does get chilly in the evenings though. Have to carry drinking water for my dogs now - when out on the scooter.

l have seen a pic of Poll’s little Sophie on facebook. She really is a cutie. She has lovely black eyes and nose - and beautiful white curly fur.

l managed to get a pic of two of my dogs for my Avatar - but cannot remember how l actually did it. Must have been more luck then judgement.

Sophie must really like your granddaughter Poll

Our Ben never seem to grow out of the occasional pickle when he got too excited. We always had to keep him calm when meeting new people Lol


Right Poll. Here goes!!!

First of all make sure you have a pic of Sophie either on your desktop or in the document file.

Click on the Welcome Back top right of page -

drag down to Go to Homepage

Click on Update my profile.

Click on Choose File then find the photo of Sophie on desktop or document folder and click on it

then click Upload and then Save at the bottom of the page and Sophie should then be your avatar.

Yey. Hope you manage it ok.

Shazzie xx

Hi shazzie, agree totally with you on this, miss the ‘happy’ threads cherry xx

Naughty little Sophie, lol. Hope you manage the piccy/avatar poll. Can’t wait to see Sophie. C xx

Sophie makes me laugh. I remember that when we had a pup. Lol!! At least it wasn’t a number 2!!

Have you tried putting her on your avatar yet?

Shazzie xx

Arghh, i don’t have any pics on my tablet or laptop. I have them on my mobile. Hubby doesn’t know how to upload them either.

Glad Frances has seen Sophie on Facebook. My daughter put that PIC on for me.

Can you see her on Fb too, Shaz?