Forum Seems Quiet

i think it’s gone quiet because of the replies and posts having to be checked first and i also find that my username of 3 years is now not useable and despite messages to mods and e-mail to ms society i’m still waiting on reply from either party to as what is wrong…no wonder people aren’t bothering anymore

guess what…queued for moderation again!!!

Oh dear Bazza. That’s not good.

I haven’t had any problems like that. Hope you get it sorted soon so we can all chat again.

JBK. What time did you finish in the end? You’re not still there are you!!!

Shazzie xx

I haven’t been on here for a week either, been busy and now really tired. Had my first delivery of drugs yesterday, training in 2 weeks. Also had to say no to a craft show in Birmingham with a friend so I could manage to go out tonight. Feeling sad :frowning:

Oh Wilf.

A lot of us are feeling sad at the moment.

Sending you ((((big hugs)))) too.

Hope things pick up for you once you start your meds.

Shazzie xx

Im ere hiding in the woodwork sorry to read above poll my thoughts your way x

I think your right on anitra as it seems more lately that everytime i post it goes to moderation and then it never gets posted up , 1 post i did 8 times in a week and it never came up and it was only a comment saying hope that that person was okay , it does sometimes make you think s*d it especially when some folks like me have to concentrate so hard to type

respect sheep