re the large number of people leaving the forum.

have i missed something? i dont come on every day but usually pop by for a read.

this has got me worried because i’m always missing things, losing things and generally behaving like a much older person.

i remember some unpleasantness but that was a couple of months ago.

so please dont think that i don’t care, its just that my state of mind resides in oblivion.

carole x

And I thought it was just me. Thanks Carole - that’s at least two of us living somewhere else now I am not feeling so lonely!

Hi guys,

Yes there has been more ‘unpleasantness’ between some people. Some comments have been made and either mistakenly or deliberately the context has been taken as negative and it all escalated a bit. Now I also have joined another forum but I’m not leaving this one either. And thats for two reasons -

  1. I still have you guys on here that I love to talk to and that I care about and

  2. I refuse to let the people I think are in the wrong win!!

Now I know the last reason is childish but I don’t care. I’ll stamp my feet, pout and throw a tantrum if I have to!! (that wee man so clashes with my hair hehe)

Now if you ask some-one else, they will have a different take on the situation.

Take care

JBK xx

Thanks JBK - suppose that is a problem with the written word - some tongue in cheek comments can be miconstrued. I shall continue to reside in my little bubble. I must say I have found great comfort and information on the forum and shall continue to visit whilst waiting for some sort of dx (been waiting since 1987 so am not holding my breath).

PM’d you Dinks & Pigpen.

Like JBK, I’m staying put but have gine to the dark-side too :wink: LOL

Sonia x

I haven’t a clue whats going on either. I have asked already but no-one answered, where/what is the other forum? Thanks, Steve x

I am also in the dark - and now worried that because I haven’t noticed any negativity/nastiness/bullying or whatever that it might have been me upsetting people!! Can someone who knows what it’s all about either put my mind at rest or quietly tell me that I’m a big bully?!

…Actually …I must own-up. Occasionally, when I’m on here. I have been known to break wind

Maybe some people are leaving coz of the pong?!!!


Don’t panic! Sunflower, nobody thinks you’re a bully and as for you Dom, you’re getting as naughty as Wb :wink:

I hope you both take that in the wayit’s intended, i.e. a tiny bit of teasing for Dom.

Where I believe things took a bad turn, was when a couple of characters shared a bit of banter (I personally saw the humour as I’ve seen posts from said characters before), it may have been misconstrued… So, if someone comes along and demands I apologise to Dom… I think you see where I’m going, it might make me feel like throwing in the towel!

Peace to all :slight_smile:

Sonia xx

…No worries with me, nindancer.

Luckily, I’m nearly as thick as my skin !!


And that’s why you are one of the people that make me smile Dom :slight_smile:

Dom - what have you been eating!!!

Sunflower - don’t worry your cheery little head about it. Like many of these episodes it will soon die away. (at least til the next time)

JBK xx


Like Sonia and JBK are saying Sunflower you are not a bully and I don’t want you to think that you have said anything that has upset anyone. Keep on smiling sweets!!

Shazzie xx

Hi everyone, where is this “darkside” which has been mentioned?

Nothing dark about it number08, I was just teasing :slight_smile: MS people forum - Sonia x

Phew! Just wondered - have rather hideous anxiety and depression at the minute which has made me intolerant and paranoid - maybe not a good combination on here at the minute then hehe! Glad I’ve not upset anyone - yet! I do love you guys :slight_smile: btw how d’you do the emojis?

I love the emoticons but now I’m on the PC not snartphone have lost the ability to return and start a new line. There were some posts about what to do ages ago - can anyone remember? Thanks. Ann xx (Wanted 3 new lines in there…) xx


It’s a problem with Internet Explorer.

Doesn’t effect Firefox, Chrome or Opera - so the recommendation is to use one of these browsers instead (…and they’re all free to download).

Best wishes,


Thanks! I’m downloading Firefox now. Not a big fan of Chrome, won’t open my email attachments properly… xx