I'm Back On The Forum!!!!

Hello everyone

After not being able to post replies for well over a week due to the “your post has been queued and will be posted once moderators have approved it” or some kind of error message I kept getting, I’m pleased to say I’m back and can now reply to any posts (of which I have been this morning).

It has been very frustrating to read posts that I can relate to but I’m unable to reply because it’s been held up in the “black hole of moderator checking” but hopefully I can continue as normal.

Have a lovely day peeps!!!

Take care

Pen xx

Welcome back Pen x

Well l have been on this forum for years - but for some reason they would not except my password to log on. l have used the same for years - even have it written down. Now l have had to change username and password yet again. lts written down -so lets hope it continues to work. l never log-out because of previous difficulties in getting logged on.

Never had the same problem as you though.

Thanks everyone - I thought I had been blacklisted and couldn’t think what I had posted that was so terrible hahaha.

Anyway I’m glad it’s all working now!

Take care

Pen xx

Thanks everyone

I’ve just posted a reply using a emoticon and guess what - it’s queued for the moderators - obviously when I use the emoticons on my screen they are duff ones!!!

Oh well - never mind - just imagine my posts will smiley faces or crying faces hahahaha!!

Take care

Pen xx