"Our" Polly!

Hi all Just to let you know that I was speaking to Poll this morning and she is without Internet!! She is doing well with the new SPC! In Poll’s words she is “down but will soon be up!!!” Takes more than wi-fi to get Poll down :wink: Hopefully she will get sorted soon. Take care Linda x

give her my love if you speak to her again

carole x

Will do Carole Linda x

Awww. Thanks Linda.

I thought Poll has been a bit quiet. I thought she was busy with the firemen again!!! Hehehehe.

Can you say hi to her from me please Linda when you speak with her next.

Hurry back Poll. We miss you.

Shazzie xx

Will do…Hehehe I know she did take a liking to those firemen!!! :wink: Linda x

Glad she is ok was beginning to wonder where she had disPpeared to and whether she was ok