Hello everyone

Hi everyone

I just wanted to say how much over the past week i have missed this site and the chat rooms it’s good to be back with you all. I hope your all well or as well as you can be wot do you all think of the new site ??

Take care

Dave :slight_smile:

Hi Dave

Glad you have managed to get back, its very lonely without having someone to have a chat/moan to.

Take care

Pam :smiley:


I know what you mean pam it’s good to get things off your chest sometimes and be able to ask for advise or have a moan. I am slowly getting to grips with the new site i suppose we were alll so used to the old one change is always hard as we all should know but on the whole i am impressed with the new one the old was looking at little out dated.

Speak to you again soon

Take care