For Kizzydane

Hi jen

I had noticed on one of your kind replies to one of the posts, that you have recently had to withdraw from a project that you had inititiated, but now, due to your symptoms, don’t feel you can deliver…

I realise how disappointed you are over this, but just wanted to say how valued you are on this site. For nearly every post, especially the newbies, you have kind, wise and thoughtful words - even just giving support is so valuable.

Perhaps you could see this site, for now, as your new ‘project’, until things become clearer for you regarding a diagnosis. Having supportive input into people’s lives, as you do on here, is no small thing, so I just wanted to encourage you that things may be different to what you had hoped for, but for now you have a valued role here.

Thank you, and take good care,

Bren x

I would like to second that. You have been very kind to me since I joined and I really appreciate it. It’s good to know there is someone as kind as you and who knows what it’s like. Thank you. Xx

Awww x thank you both so much for saying that xxxxx

I’m just doing what so many others do on this forum - hats off to all who have helped me x Rizzo, Pip, Poll, Scoobie, Lally, Dr Geoff, Pam etc etc etc etc xxx

What I’m tryng to say is kindness perpetuates itself - It’s mutual - a two way process - basically we are in a place where I need you as much as you need me x ’s xxxjenxxxxx