I'm going

Until anything else happens in the diagnostic process i don’t wanna be taking up people’s time and posting when there are people more in need of support, don’t suppose i should be here in the end anyway.

Hi Jules,

We all need support in different ways. We are important and all happy to help each other.

You deserve the support as much as anyone and your posts help others too.

Its hard enough the diagnosis prosis and at least here u can get advice from those of us who have gone through it or those that still are.

Take care

Clare x


It seems as if you have found the forum helpful and it would be a shame if you felt you had to leave, possibly because of a troublesome person who has begun posting here.

I do know there are rare occasions which individuals find their way to this online community, seemingly not for the right reasons. Unfortunately, that is one of the dangers of the internet. It does not seem a good use of our valuable and finite energy to answer questions for people who have no real connection with neurological limbo, who already have a diagnosis that does not have much in common with our community and who are here simply out of macabre curiosity which causes undue upset.

You are none of the above.

This forum and online community is a godsend, especially for limbolanders :slight_smile: I do hope you consider staying.

Take care
Tu x

Ooh, I think this is my first time looking on this bit of the forum since the “new” forum was introduced.

I was just stopping by looking for a particular person (hmm, haven’t spotted her yet) and, being quite nosey, read your post.

IMO anyone (polite and openly truthful) is welcome to post on these forums. Each of us has our problems in life and has something to offer others, so please don’t feel that you have to go just because you haven’t got the right label. You may well be able to offer comfort to other lost souls, particularly if you’re a cheerful kinduv person.

I meant to say that “I’m with Clare” somewhere in there, but I’ve got a bit jumbled up now!

Of course, if you’re short of time and should be dwelling on other things, you’d better clutter off sharpish ;>)

Lolli xx

P.S. “I’m with Clare and tulip” is what I meant to say, duh

I have been a terror for thinking others problems are worse than mine and therefor mine don’t count. However I have learnt over time that everyone’s problems are important ( including me) if it is something that is worrying you. It may turn out to be a trapped nerve, it may not. Sounds like you still don’t know for sure what’s causing your problems. My GP told me my first symptoms were trapped nerves. Please don’t feel you don’t belong the lovely thing about this part of the forum is that there are lots of people who don’t know either. Glad you had a fab holiday, stay positive. Mish x


I am new here and in limboloand. I worried about posting to start with for fear that I would somehow upset people with a confirmed diagnois when I am in limboland.

I think it is fab that the MS Society recognise the fact limboland exsits and have a board not just for new diagnosis but before too. I might get my MRI results and find out it is a trapped nerve or it is something else then I guess I will come back and say goodbye to the lovely people on this board. But until then I am so grateful for the space and support here.

So I guess I am saying I’m with Clare, Tulip and Lollipop

There you go then Jules …its decided…you stay.

The forum as the others have said is for people who need help/support/a shoulder, and I know you need all of those things,so here is your best bet.


Hi All, I totally agree the forum is a good place, I think it was you Jules that motivated me to walking round the supermarket when I first came onto the forum. I went for a.longer walk yesterday and came home with enough blackberries for a pie! So there you have it Jules your time isnt wasted and your appreciated.Thankyou. Frank.

Hey Jules


Please don’t go. You have been so supportive to me and others that until you (and I) receive a diagnosis why shouldnt you be here!

How can you be wasting time? People on this forum are newly diagnosed and not diagnosed. same as you Jules! You have neurological symptoms the same as we all have!

So I think its safe to say that you SHOULD be here (same as us all!) and keep on supporting everyone and we will keep on supporting you too :smiley:


Hey Julie

Dont go we are all in same boat when waiting on a DX but sometimes having somewhere to turn where people understand is good so please stay

Mandy x

Thanks guys, I guess I was just being a rubbish limbolander…i dip in and out of possible acceptance,denial,fear ect… all the time these days, i just felt i shouldn’t be here, but thankyou for confirming that i should, its nice to be wanted! Frank, thats sweet of you too say but i reckon it was your own positivity and drive that got you going round that supermarket, well done on the longer walk! :slight_smile:

@Jules - we’ve all had our moments of high and low with symptoms getting to us or moments where we doubt our convictions as to whether this is MS, whether we need to stop focusing on it or asking questions etc Its all a normal part of the process hun, you’re not alone. Never feel guilty for your presence here. It’s good to know you’ll be sticking around :slight_smile:

hi jules

don’t accept the trapped nerve dx from docs

first doc i seen nearly 2 years ago told me that all i had was a trapped nerve and to go home and take diclofenac…but just as i was leaving he did say if there’s no improvement within a week then to come back which i did and the other doc i seen had me in the southern general in glasgow within 36 hours which eventually 18 months later lead to a dx of ms…so stick with us here until you get a firm dx as to what’s going on with you then you can make your mind up to where you are going…i was on here for for roughly 16months before i had a def dx so keep hanging around

take care


Hi Jules, Speaking as someone who is out of limbo please don’t take what I am about to say as harsh, it’s said with understanding after spending the worst time of my life in limbo. limbo is a living nightmare. It’s torturous both physically and mentally. Not just for you but for those who live closest to you too. It seems like cruel mind games are being played together with the tricks your body likes to play on you. Few people, thankfully will be able to truely empathise with you because your experience is indescribable. The ms society acknowledges all of this on this forum. It is why it’s here, lots of understanding anonymous ears. I know the time will come when the limbo period ends for you. When it does remember the support you received and know that your experience will be of value to others. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that we’ve all been there or are there and we all need support, if you need it, lean on us! Chis

Hey Jules - we need you! Stay for our sake if not your own.


a) Jules goes = everyone else (the guitar is for the blues melody Fluffs and Mike will play)

b) Jules stays = everyone else (the cake is a celebration cake)


hey dont leave! as you have had so many replies, I hope we have convinced you that youre wanted here. I read your stuff and reply too. i`ve been hanging around these boards for a few years now and still remain without a full dx.

If theyll have me, im sure they`ll have you too.

luv Pollx

thanks guys, love y’all to bits! deb, that post was awesome, thanks for making me chuckle! looks like you’ll have to put up with me for a bit longer :slight_smile:


Good, I often think should I or shouldnt I post but then I would rather express on hear then worry my wife. We are all hear for each other and im glad you are staying. Keep possitive and keep going and keep nagging. Plus I can play the guitar therefore my name should be added to the blues melody list

thats awesome tom, i sing! we should start an MS-ers band!