Just to Reiterate.....

Dear all,

I felt compelled to write this post simply because it’s clear to me that a teeny weeny proportion of people who visit this site - and I do mean teeny weeny - need reminding that this website is here for everyone regardless of their sex, political or religious beliefs, creed, taste in food, clothes, music or anything else you can think of!

I’m referring to the debacle that occurred yesterday which is not by any means the first time time that this has happened.

Whilst I understand that we all have our own opinions and we sometimes want to air them, it doesn’t mean that nastiness has to come into play as well.

People come to this site because they’re quite often desperate in seeking answers or maybe they need to express themselves to others who have a better understanding of what they’re going through.

Whatever the reasons, we’re all in the same boat.

Had I visited this site for the first time yesterday - I wouldn’t have bothered coming back.

As it is, although I myself replied to the original persons post I wasn’t nasty or cruel and I replied as the person who you all know me as - Rubina (Debbie).

From what I’ve read this morning, there’s been a fair bit of mud slinging but can we please get back to what we’re all actually here for - helping and supporting each other.

Debbie xx

Hear hear Debbie!

Karen x

Here here! I read and commented on the post late last night and was shocked how it had escalated but completely agree. We all need to stand by and support each other. - after all who else can better understand our plight than other people that are going or have been through a similar situation.




I just felt it needed saying…especially as the said debacle was going on and on…

Debbie xx

Totally agree we all need support and advice and this site is invaluable. To be fair there were apologies which helped calm things down a bit. I love this site and the people here it would awful is people started falling out. Xxx

There were apologies made yeah, and misunderstandings do happen - after all we’re all only human. It’s the nastiness that’s unnecessary.

You’re right that we all need to support each other and I completely agree that we couldn’t be without this site

Debbie xx

I saw that thread.

That sort of thing kept me lurking for some time because I have quite severe brain fog and I don’t always express myself the way I think I am which s*cks,really because it can lead to perhaps avoidable misunderstandings.

As I said before limbo can consume you if you let it. Perhaps anon has decided that they will move on with their life for the moment and stop being messed about. Isn’t that a good thing? Taking control?

And by choosing not to go to the neuro appointment they perhaps moved one of you lot up in the queue?

Everyone have a great Jubilee weekend.


I haven’t posted on any thread involving drama. I try my best to keep out of it as much as possible because I think this place should just be a place of help, encouragement and support.
I maintain a different forum as an admin, and have been a regular visitor to many forums since the early 2000s. If there’s a bad vibe going on at a forum, it can very easily spin horribly out of control, making many people feel bad or offended and I’d hate to see that become a regular occurance here of all places. <3

We are all in similar positions, at various points across the road of limbo, and if we are feeling vulnerable I love being able to come here for help.

I think it’s important to retain a sense of self-awareness (like when I sometimes just get convinced that I DO have MS as though I am a doctor! - I must remember that I am not! And I do not mind take offence to being put in place when that happens) and also sensitivity to other people’s feelings by wording ourselves in a non-confrontational manner. I hope this warm little corner of the internet remains a safe haven for all. x

I know the thread you mean. I read it when the upset had run its course, and the thing that struck me was how generously and well everybody behaved once it had become clear that things had gone off the rails. I thought it was a good example of how acknowledgement of misunderstandings, and a bit of genuine fence-mending, can set things right again. There was one anonymous troll in there, but you are always going to get those from time to time. The important thing is for the genuine people of good will to be able to work together to repair misunderstandings when they occur, and it was good to see that happening.



My thread food for thought was just to point out, how stupid my thinking rationale had become. I did not mean to cause any offence to anyone and do apologise for my second post which was very nasty. Amen to to your post Debbie.

I must have missed the tail-end of the other thread but I see no point in this thread at all other than to get everyone talking about the other thread, therefore bringing the subject back up and fanning the flames again.

If it had got that bad then I presume the admin/mods took care of it?

Shouldn’t it just be put to bed now and forgotten about?