Hi everyone first of all apologies for my strop and to juleslovesmusicals for having it on her thread.
I have sort of slipped into denial and part of me thought if I stop coming on here then it might all go away. Doesn’t seem to have worked though! On top of that I have been having a lot of problems with my oldest son who has ADHD and I find myself wondering how I’m going to cope if or when I get worse.
Just generally feeling sorry for myself and I missed the support.

I am so glad you are back as I felt responsible,and know how valuable this site is.

In a bit I too find I am going to have to leave you wonderful people but I hope I can do what is necessary to return.

I think the way for you to cope is to ask for and accept all the help you need,and save your strength for time with your son rather than mundane household chores,,,and dont beat yourself up and think you are failing him,yourself or the rest of the family by having and accepting help.

Hope you continue to get all the support from here that you need

Take care Pip

Don't beat yourself up Nikki!!! xxxxx We all understand what you are going through emotionally x I've never been so sensitive - I'm up and down and am an absolute emotional wreck!

I'm taking out on the one closest to me - I'm shouting at my hubby - crying at my hubby - saying the most morbid things to him - watching every little reaction and jumping on anything he says that I perceive as being  even slightly 'unsympathetic' - I've accused him of not beleiving me - not caring - not loving me anymore - I've accused him of looking at me thinking I'm fat and ugly - you name it - he's getting it!

.....and then I'm shocked to see how upset he is when I've reduced him to tears!!!

Bless him - last time he simply said "Can't you see I'm going through every little bit of this with you Jen?" 

Trouble is - I can't seem to stop it - no matter who we have around us - we are all fundamentally alone with all this - unwell, frustrated, scared and worst of all - guilty!!

You will cope Nikki - better at some times than others - but you will cope xxheart

pip please dont feel responsible it was me needing a slap lol. where are you going you cant leave!
Thanks for the support both of you, I try to ask for help but I still need practice.
Jen im taking it out on hubby as well. I went into town with a friend yesterday and we wandered round town for a couple of hours now I can hardly move. Im only 40 and I feel about 100 Im in so much pain.

No need to apologise Nikki :-) *hugs*

Hi. I must have missed the 'strop' but I just wanted to say that I am also 40 and, like you, have a son with ADHD. He is very emotional and he's been worrying more than I am right now. He also has mild Tourette's and his vocal tics has escalated lately. I am sure it's anxiety. I am trying to be as calm as I can about it all and not talking about MS all the time. I am just trying to continue to be 'mum' as best I can.

Just wanted to say really that if you want a chat anytime just send me a PM.

We're all more than capable of throwing stop or two sometimes ;) Don't be too hard on yourself about it.


Thanks guys good to know you all understand.
Moonie (sorry lol) how old is your son?

Moonie lol..

He's 12. How old is yours?

Take as much help and support as you can. It's hard when you have kids with difficulties but having your own health worries too makes it soooo much harder to deal with.